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Dinosaur Fun!


We have been working on creating stories on the iPad using two different apps.  We are creating the pictures using an augmented reality app called Walking with Dinosaurs.  It lets us put a 3D image of a dinosaur in a photo.  It is amazing because it looks very real!


The children are using the Walking with Dinosaurs app using the Photo Booth option.  They choose the dinosaur they would like to have in their story and then pose the dinosaur with something in the classroom.  We have dinosaurs reading books, playing with Lego, playing with the toy dinosaurs, and hanging out!  The children take the picture and save it to the camera roll.  Then they open the My Story app and import the picture from the camera roll into their story.


We are almost finished our dinosaur stories.  The children have been taking turns going to our “recording studio” to record themselves reading the pages of their books!  We are almost ready to share! They will be posted on this blog very soon!

We have also worked on a dinosaur research project.  We learned all about the Apatosaurus (also known as Brontosaurus).  The children sorted the facts about Apatosaurus into four categories.  After we read through all the facts the children decided which category was the best fit for the fact.


The children glued the facts onto the correct category sheet and we created our dinosaur reports!


Check them out to learn some cool facts about Apatosaurus!




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Augmented Reality Snowmen!



We have been having a lot of fun with the app Chatterpix!  I took a picture of each of the snowmen and had the children bring their snowmen to life using the Chatterpix app.  They had to add a mouth to their snowman and then talk for thirty seconds as if their snowman was talking. Some children chose to speak as their snowmen and others choose to speak in a conversation with their snowman.  Some students preferred to talk about making their snowman with their family.  Then I took the Aurasma app to link the Chatterpix video to their picture.  Aurasma is an augmented reality app that lets you augment the viewing experience by adding another layer of participation to the object.  In this case it is the picture of the snowman.  To see the Chatterpix video you simply hold the iPad over the picture.  The picture is now the trigger image within the Aurasma app that triggers the link to the Chatterpix video.   This is called an aura.  I have created auras for each of the snowman pictures linking the pictures and the Chatterpix video.

IMG_1523To see the auras you will need to download the Aurasma app.  It is free! You do not have to join or sign in to see the auras.   Click on the little triangle shape at the bottom of the screen.  Choose the search option.  Search for mrsantonsclass.  You will be directed to all the auras that I have posted to that channel.  Choose the channel option at the top of the screen. Click on the link for mrsantonsclass and you will be given an option to follow, like, or share the auras.  You can choose to follow our channel by clicking on the  follow option. Now all the auras posted to that channel will become available on the device you are using.     Then you choose the option at the bottom of the screen that looks like a window.  Hold the ipad over one of the pictures on this screen and a swirling image that lets you know the aura is activating.

photo 1

You will then see the video staring up!

photo 2

As you can see I was able to access the aura on my computer screen while writing this post!



Once you set up to follow a channel you will be able to access all of the auras that are created on that channel on that device.  You will need to set up each device that you use to view the auras the first time.  After that, you will be able to access any auras posted to the public channel when you use that device.  Sometimes I post things to the private channel.  Then you only get to see it if I email you the link. Lately, I have been posting everything to the public channel.  Their projects are just so much fun to share!

photo (1)


I have also created a special page for all of our snowmen iPad project movies!  They are all together in one space!  Just click on the link at the top of the page to see the wonderful work the children did using the snowman pictures and the Explain Everything app!  Enjoy!

I have also created auras for our dinosaur pictures that we took!  When you hold the iPad over the picture you can see the dinosaur Chatterpix  videos we created.





I will need to upload all the pictures to a page for you to view them.


You can also access this aura from the creative writing exercise that we completed about the dinosaurs invading our classroom!


I have created a page for the dinosaur pictures and the snowman pictures.  You should be able to see the pages at the top of this blog!  Just click on the page link at the top of this blog.

IMG_1289When you visit the page you will be able to activate the aura right away using your device and the picture on the computer screen.


Or you can wait for the pictures to come home in the scrapbook!  I’m too impatient for that!



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More Fun with Augmented Reality Dinosaur Movies!

Here are a few more of our dinosaur books!  I am very impressed with these books as the children used a few different apps to create them.  They were actually “app-smashing”!  When you use a variety of different apps to create your projects and put them together to create something entirely new it is called app smashing!

They took the pictures they created using the Walking with Dinosaurs app and imported them into the My Story app.   This is a multi-step process!  First, they have to take the picture in Walking with Dinosaurs which involved choosing their dinosaur, resizing it to fit the picture, choosing what they wanted their dinosaur to do and then taking the picture!

Then they had to save it to the camera roll, open My Story, choose to import a picture, find their picture in the camera roll, import it into the page, re-size the picture to fit the page, and then add the text to match the picture.   Then they repeated the steps for four more pages!

Then they added text and recorded their voices reading their stories!

Very proud of my Grade Ones!

After they were finished I saved their story as a movie and uploaded it to Youtube.

Then I loaded the URRL code into this blog post and voila!  Augmented reality dinosaur stories!  Enjoy!

More stories coming your way soon!


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AR Dinosaur Fun!


We have been having a lot of fun with the Walking with Dinosaurs app.  This is a really cool augmented reality app that lets us pose with an augmented image of a variety of dinosaurs.  We use the photo booth section of the app to create these life like images!  The children choose the dinosaur they wish to pose with and what they want to act out.  Then I take a picture of them with the dinosaur superimposed on the picture. It looks real, doesn’t it!


We used these pictures to create a movie trailer about “The Day the Dinosaurs came to School” using the iMovie app.  The children had a really good time helping me with the captions for the movie trailer.  It was a great taking off point for a creative writing exercise about what happened with “their dinosaur”!  They did a great job!


Then  I used the Aurasma app to attach the iMovie trailer to their story.  I put the trigger image for the movie on their writing paper.


The Aurasma app allows me to attach a video to a trigger image.  The trigger image I choose is the little triceratops on the picture.  When they hover the iPad over the image it triggers the iMovie trailer to open and play!  Please come in and ask to view it with one of our iPads.


I will also be sending the trigger picture home in the next few days as well as the directions to view the image at home.  You will need to download the Aurasma app on your device.  This app is free at this time.    To view the trailer you need the link and the trigger image as I have not placed it on our public channel.  We used this app earlier this year for our At My School book we created on the iPad.

We have been having a great time with a new app called Chatterpix.  I used this app to create this little video!  You can add your voice and animate the picture to appear as if the picture is talking with this app.  Lots and lots of giggles with this one.

We have been slowly having the children take turns animating their dinosaur pictures using this app.  The children have to decide who will do the talking in their video.  Then they mark the mouth on their picture and start recording!  It is not easy to think of what your character will say for thirty seconds!   I have been attaching the videos to each  of their dinosaur pictures using the Aurasma app.  The Dinosaur stories will have two trigger images.  The dinosaur for the dinosaur movie and the picture of them and their dinosaur for their Chatterpix video.  Definitely a fun app with lots of possibilities!




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The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School!


We have had way too much fun with our dinosaur pictures!

I thought I would show you what else we did with the pictures!

brick dinosaur

I printed off the pictures of each child with their dinosaur on my color printer at home.  Then I made up a writing sheet with the title The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School!

We looked at all the pictures together and brainstormed about the pictures and possible things that could happen if a dinosaur came to school! And we had the pictures as proof!   What fun!  Then the children started writing their stories!  We have some amazing stories!


I also placed the trigger for the aura we made on Aurasma on the writing page as well as a special bonus! The aura is linked to the iMovie trailer we made with the pictures.


I sent the aura link home to everyone in an email already but now the picture trigger is embedded in the creative writing that the children did as well!  You need the picture to trigger the Aura!

After the children finished working on their stories, we used the iPads to trigger the auras.


They all came running to see the first one!


I have put the finished products out in the hallway for everyone to see.  The pictures alone are really cool and getting a lot of attention!  (So glad I found this app!) The stories are amazing and fun to read.



Adding the aura with the iMovie trailer we made with the dinosaur pictures adds a fun extra!  Sometimes, we have people who stop to look at the pictures and read the stories.  Then if I can, I have them use my iPad and have them try our “secret code” trigger  picture as well.  They are always surprised to see a picture start an iMovie trailer!

 Way too much fun!  


Still working on another project with the dinosaur pictures on the iPads….

Takes a bit longer and still trying to figure out the best way to share them…..

Stay tuned!

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Dinosaur Fun with iMovie and Augmented Reality Apps!


A little while ago we made a iMovie Trailer with our pictures that we took using the app Walking with Dinosaurs!


I am hoping my attempts to share it with you using the Aurasma app are working!  The movie trailer files are too big to send via email so this is my attempt at a go around!  Hopefully you have found the link to this aura in the email I sent home!   You should also have the trigger picture of the dinosaur at home as well!

Follow the directions in the email to access the aura!  Remember that you must open the aura within your email.


We had great fun slotting the pictures we took with the dinosaurs into an iMovie trailer slots and then figuring out what the words should say to go with the pictures!




I have to admit that we are having entirely too much fun with these three apps!

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Too Much Fun with Dinosaurs!

josh dino

Dinosaurs have been crawling all around our classroom!


Can you see the dinosaur crawling on her pants?  That’s the first time I have ever heard “Mrs. Anton! There’s a dinosaur crawling up my leg!”

We have been working with the Adventure mode on the Walking with the Dinosaurs app.  You download a printable target and print it off in colour.  Then you point the iPad at the screen and suddenly there are dinosaurs crawling all around!



You can feed them and they come running!  I wish I could record the student’s faces!  Too much fun for me!


We are going to write about the dinosaur pictures we took last week.

marley dino

I am hoping to get the stories posted to their personal blogs!

elliot dino

Watch for them!

Today we did another science experiment too!  Science is magic!


You pour water out of the pitcher and it “sticks” on the string to the cup!  Everyone got a turn to pour the water and catch the water!  That’s why everyone got a piece of string in their planner.  You get to try it too!

I used a little pitcher that I had from a child’s set of dishes.  You could use a creamer… Make sure you do this over a sink or have lots of paper towels handy!


Don’t get too wet!

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Big Dinosaur AR Fun!

ryleigh dino

We had some fun today with a new iPad app I found called Walking with Dinosaurs!  It is another Augmented Reality app that is amazing!  We played with the Photo Booth aspect today.  The app allows you to pick from a variety of dinosaurs, orient them on a screen and then take pictures with the dinosaur!  We had some fun by posing and acting out a variety of situations.

nic dino

We held them in our hands!

danielle dino

And we gave them a pet!

russell dino

We even pretended we were a little bit scared!

nathan dino

garrett dino

And super brave!

We are planning to write stories to go with our pictures!  

anton dino

We took pictures of everyone with the dinosaurs.  Watch for them over the next few days!  It looks like our class has been invaded by prehistoric dinosaurs!

You can also choose the Adventure Mode. It uses augmented reality and suddenly you have dinosaurs walking around.  You can even feed them and they come running over to eat! Very cool!  So far, I have only downloaded the free app but I think this one deserves an upgrade!

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Dinosaurs AR Style!


This week we have started a new theme about dinosaurs!  Today, we had fun with some more Augmented Reality cards for some of the more popular dinosaurs.


Mr. Brick even got to try it out.  These cards came as part of the package I downloaded from the AR Flashcards app. You print off the cards with a color printer.  These particular cards came with the AR flashcards for the alphabet that we blogged about a few weeks ago!  Once you have the cards all you have to do is activate the app and then hold the iPad over the picture.  Magic happens!  A 3 D image of the dinosaur appears!


If you tap the screen, a child’s voice says the name of the dinosaur.  I thought you had to hold it over only one card at at time but the children discovered that they could get all the dinosaurs at once by putting the cards closer together!

IMG_2357It is really cool!

We also did our first research report.  I compiled a small set of dinosaur facts about apatosaurus.  We read the facts together and then we sorted the facts into four different categories.  Our categories were What They Look Like, What They Eat, About the Babies, and Cool Facts.  There were a lot of cool facts!


You can find them in the hallway!  Take a look!






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Elf on the Shelf and Gus!

IMG_1088Today when we came to school we had a new visitor!  We have a little ghost named Gus who likes to write to us each day and play tricks on Mrs. Anton.  He always seems to know where the stapler is even if Mrs. Anton doesn’t!  Today he had a visitor to help him!


An elf on the shelf arrived from the North Pole and together they wrote the morning message backwards, went for a ride on our big life size stegosaurus, and left us a puzzle to play with today!



So, of course, we had to write about it and draw pictures!  We used Doodle Buddy again for the pictures.   We are making a little journal chronicling The Adventures of the Elf and Gus.  I don’t have pictures of it yet but the children did some great work there too.

We also did some more spelling with word families and some Christmas words on the iPads again this morning.  So easy to find the common endings and underline them or look for a little word within a big one!


We also tried out some of the spelling apps.   I will post the names of the Spelling apps tomorrow!  In the excitement, I forgot to write it down…

Now, I wonder what we will find Gus and the elf up to tomorrow!

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