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Happy Halloween Fun!




We made these special bat poems!  We learned about a lot of different kinds of bats.  The children completed a poem about bats with their favorite types of bats.  We watched a really cool National Geographic Kids video about the flying fox bat. Take a look!

The students have been creating additional Popplets on the iPads!  Here are a few more examples!  Many thanks to Abrielle’s Mom who  for helping the students with this project!






We also had a lot of fun creating these count-up Haunted House stories.  The children chose from a variety of Halloween foam stickers and created their own count-up story to match the haunted house!  They did a great job!



We had a lovely time on Halloween!  Thank you to all the parents who were able to help with this round of stations!


I hope the Dracula/Mummy cans were not too noisy!  The children really enjoyed them!  I have a group shot of all of them making the noise together and a video too!  We are using the clips to make a special project that I will send home to you soon!


Mr. Brick alias the Minion came to dance with us in the morning to the Happy Song!  Too much fun!


Definitely a Happy Halloween!


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Halloween Popplet Fun! CoLAR Pumpkin Fun Too!



We have been having some Halloween fun using a new app for us called Popplet!.  The children have been working in partners to create an idea web about Halloween.


I created a folder of Halloween clipart for the students to choose from on my iPad.  Then they created their Popplet by importing the images from the camera roll into their popplets and adding text to the pooplet using the words on the word walls and pocket charts in the classroom.






The children are making them in partners and we will post more of their efforts as soon as they are ready!  I love how fearless they are when it comes to technology!

We have also been having more fun with the CoLAR app and the pumpkin trigger picture.



I incorporated the image into a writing exercise.  We brainstormed some ideas about the dancing pumpkins and the children chose their favorites to add to the story prompt.


After the students wrote down their ideas and colored the pictures we used the iPads to activiate the trigger picture.  Lots of giggles and fun!

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Fun with Bugs!

saige and ella popplet

We have just started our unit of study about insects!  And of course, I went looking for cool apps about insects.  I was not disappointed!

I also found some great apps for organizing facts and ideas!  One of them is called Popplet!  It lets the children create a web of related ideas.

I went online and pre-loaded some images of insects for them to choose from and saved them to the camera roll.

boyd bug

To create the web they started with one popplet and added an appropriate text to define their web.  Then they had to add six popplets with an insect in each.  They had to create the popplet and then choose to add a picture, find the picture in the camera roll and add it to the popplet.  I did a quick 10 minute demo and then had some children work with a partner to create the first ones!

As usual, they were fearless! I think they look great!  Lots of learning! Thanks to Matt B Gomez for the great idea!


I also found a great app  called The Lady Bug by Scholastic.  They loved it!

circle ladybug

This is a great interactive nonfiction book app.  Very colourful and interactive.  

ladybug leaf

They especially liked listening to the ladybugs sleeping inside the tree!  We think it sounded like snoring!

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