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Math Fun!

I couldn’t wait!  I am worse than the kids!  I like Christmas.  So I got out some of the Christmas stuff.  We only have 15 teaching days in December so I needed to get a head start!  We did some math with the new Christmas counting materials and workspaces.   Too much fun!  The children had to copy  down and solve all their friend’s addition stories.

We also had our first visit to our new computer lab.  It is AWESOME!



And we started learning some new Christmas vocabulary!  The children did a great job on their booklets and read them to the student teachers who came to visit, observe, and help today!

Hopefully, they will read them to you, too!


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The iPads are Coming Back!

Last year this blog started because of a project we called the iPad project.  We put in a proposal and we were one of the lucky schools that were able to have 15 iPads for about six weeks.  To chronicle our progress this blog was created.  You can take a look at our journey if you look at the older posts.  We had an amazing time and learned a lot.  We created books with the children, and used the iPads in a variety of ways.  I hated to see them go….

So, I applied to have them back!  Mrs. Marshall and I wrote a new proposal and we found out this week that it was accepted and we are getting the iPads back!  I don’t think that either Mrs. Marshall or myself have touched the ground since we found out on Thursday!

One of ways we will to use the iPads is writing our student blogs.  We plan to write and write and write!  Hopefully you have had a chance to view your child’s blog.  The student blogs are only accessible with a password and are closely monitored by Mrs. Marshall and myself.   If your child has forgotten the password just let me know and I will send it to you!

I forgot to mention that we get to have the iPads for an extended period of time.  Three months!!

So, this blog will continue to report on our journey with the iPads, Version 2!

Did I mention that they are coming in December!

Talk about a great Christmas present!


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Reading Buddies, Blogging and Exploding Colors!

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of our latest reading buddies!  When the children have finished their independent assignments they have the opportunity to read.  That morning I had received a new “suitcase” of books that the children were exploring.  We had to go to the computer lab and when we came back I saw that they had left their “reading buddies” with their noses in a book!  Too cute!

At the computer lab, the children have been exploring some of the new links I have added to the WIKI this week.  I have added a few Christmas links and a link for the I Spy series.  The Christmas links are from the ABCYa site.  There is a  Math practise site,  decorating a Christmas tree and a Gingerbread House, and a Christmas word search.  Love those word searches!   Check it out!

Today we explored surface tension again with our experiment called Exploding Colors.  This is another Dr. Zed experiment that I found many years ago!  All you need is some milk, a drop of red, blue, and yellow food colouring, a toothpick, and some dish soap.  Pour the milk onto a shallow plate.  Add the three drops of food colouring.  Then use the bigger end of the toothpick and dip it into a little bit of dish soap.  I usually put out a little plate of dish soap.  Dip the toothpick  into the milk and watch the fun!

Today we blogged on our student blogs with our big buddy class.  We wrote about our last big buddy day!  Check it out!

It is amazing how quickly the children have learned how to navigate the various directories to insert their pictures!  There are quite a few steps that they have to remember and then they also have to learn how to adjust the picture so that it comes up in the correct position.  We are super impressed!  Right now the buddies are scribing for us but soon we will begin writing our own entries!

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Munsch Munch!

On Friday for buddies we met in our big buddies class for Munsch Munch!  Our big buddies had prepared a special treat for us!  They have been reading Robert Munsch stories and practising them to read to their little buddies.  They were working on making the stories come alive for their little buddies!  It was awesome!

There are a lot of favourite Robert Munsch stories and I am sure that the little buddies all got to hear at least one of their favourites!  In addition to the special treat of listening to these stories come alive, the children got another special treat!  Something to munch!

Our big buddies had all brought in fruit to share and make into fruit kabobs!  Totally yummy!

Even Mrs. Anton, Mrs. Marshall, and Mr. Brick has some!

Thanks for sharing!! TOTALLY YUMMY!

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Dinosaur Day!

We have started a mini project on dinosaurs this month.  We started off with our very first research project on Apatosaurus.  We worked on sorting the facts on apatosaurus into four different categories.  Our categories were: what they look like, about the babies, what they eat, and cool facts.  I think the children liked the cool facts category the best!  We were able to watch two great programs on BrainPop Jr. that focussed on fossils and extinction.  Really interesting  programs!

It was a dinosaur day on Friday!  We are making a little booklet about the different dinosaurs and some interesting facts about each one.  We worked on that in the afternoon.  Did you see the Itty Bitty book about Dinosaur riddles?  I like the one about the Sillysaurus the best!

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Fun with Fall!

We had a lovely time creating little vocabulary books about Fall this week.  It is amazing how much excitement can be generated by sparkly foam stickers!  On one of my many visits to our local craft store I managed to find fall sparkly stickers on sale at a significant saving.  I thought that the children might enjoy using them to decorate a little fall vocabulary booklet I was planning for them!  Well… that was an understatement!  They were quite happy to pose for pictures!  As I don’t have everyone’s permission yet to post everyone’s pictures I will have to save those pictures to a later date. But  I do have pictures of their products!

I love this one!  He decided to add the title to his all on his own!  Wish I’d thought of that!

We also met with our buddies this week and they helped us add another entry to our student blog sites.  I hope you will take a moment and check them out.  Just drop me a note if your child has forgotten the password.  I will pass it along again!

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Dracula Mummy Cans!

We had a lovely time on Halloween!  I hope everyone has forgiven me for the Dracula cans!  I just can’t resist them because the children really love them!  I found the original mummy can idea a long time ago.  Can’t remember exactly where…It was in one of the craft magazines that come out at Halloween.  It was always a big hit with the children, but then, one of my parents brought in the idea of the Dracula Can!  We HAD to put the two ideas together!

Our latest science experiment was hilarious.  I was having a bit of a day and couldn’t seem to get anything right.  The children were quite sympathetic!  This trend continued on into the demonstration of the science experiment!

The object of the experiment was to flick the card with several coins on top and have the pennies drop into the cup!  Well, it took me numerous tries to actually get the coins to drop into the cup!  The children thought it was hilarious!  But I persevered and after several tries managed to redeem myself!  The children were much more successful much to their delight!

Just wanted to show you one of the journal entries from our hay ride field trip!  Those parents who were with us will recognize the truck with the pumpkins!

I wish our day had been as sunny as this picture! But we managed to have lots of fun anyway!

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