Dracula Mummy Cans!

We had a lovely time on Halloween!  I hope everyone has forgiven me for the Dracula cans!  I just can’t resist them because the children really love them!  I found the original mummy can idea a long time ago.  Can’t remember exactly where…It was in one of the craft magazines that come out at Halloween.  It was always a big hit with the children, but then, one of my parents brought in the idea of the Dracula Can!  We HAD to put the two ideas together!

Our latest science experiment was hilarious.  I was having a bit of a day and couldn’t seem to get anything right.  The children were quite sympathetic!  This trend continued on into the demonstration of the science experiment!

The object of the experiment was to flick the card with several coins on top and have the pennies drop into the cup!  Well, it took me numerous tries to actually get the coins to drop into the cup!  The children thought it was hilarious!  But I persevered and after several tries managed to redeem myself!  The children were much more successful much to their delight!

Just wanted to show you one of the journal entries from our hay ride field trip!  Those parents who were with us will recognize the truck with the pumpkins!

I wish our day had been as sunny as this picture! But we managed to have lots of fun anyway!


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