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Fun with Words!


We have been having fun making sentences!  The children love making sentences on the Promethean Board.


Thank you to everyone who sent me their sentences using the word banks that were sent home!  The pictures are awesome and the sentences are fantastic!

evan sentences

 Here are just a few samples!  I have a lot more and will post them over the next little while!

owen sentence three


This is a neat idea from Evan’s family that I have to share!  They made flashcards of all the Pre-Primer Dolch words and put them on his bedroom ceiling.  Then Evan used his flashlight to find words to read!  Too much fun!  I think I will try it with our next word list in the classroom!

image2 (4)

We have been working with a variety of word recognition apps in the classroom.  One of my favorites is Montesorri Words.  T


The children have to spell the word to match the picture by dragging the appropriate letters to fill the boxes.  It has several levels of difficulty ranging from simple three and four letter words to more complicated crossword puzzles.  The children really like it because it rewards each correct answer with a fun page that lets them move a variety of images around the screen.




The other word recognition app we have been using a lot is Word Bingo.

word bingo

This is a great little app that lets the children practice the Dolch word lists.  There is a bingo component and a spelling component.

IMG_0014You can also find this game on the ABC Ya! site.  We have a link to the game on our classroom WIKI!

We have been working on learning to print our numbers and letters correctly.  Guess what!  There is an app for that!  My favorite one is called Letter School.  This is a very popular app.  The animations are amazing.  My favorite one is the lawnmower!





It is fun to listen to the children giggle at the animations.  It is really fun when I attach the iPad to our Promethean board!  They love the one with the fuse!  It looks like it blows up and shakes the whole screen.  Learning how to print can be lots of fun!




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Letter and Science Fun!


Today I introduced one of my favourite iPad apps to the class.  It is called Letter School!  It is an awesome app that presents learning how to make the letters of the alphabet in a very engaging way.  We are really lucky because I can present the apps on the iPad and all the children can see and hear it on the big screen with the use of the projector.  I have a special cord that lets me connect to the projector.


It is a great way to introduce the app to everyone at the same time.  I had a student use the app and all the children could see and hear it.  The student makes the letter using the arrow cues and these amazing animations appear to make the letters.  It is awesome to hear all the giggles as they learn their letters!  Too much fun!


The children worked in small groups sharing the iPad and taking turns making the letters.  I have a special headphone adapter for the iPad that lets several children use it at once!  They were very co-operative and took turns really well!


We did another science experiment today!  I love watching their faces the first time I demonstrate it.  Each child got to try the experiment on their own.  All you need is a cup, some water, a piece of cardboard, and a place like the kitchen sink to work at!


We talked about why the water stayed in the cup!  One student’s water stayed in their cup for over half an hour!  Eventually, the cardboard gets saturated with water and the seal releases.  The children illustrated the experiment and labelled their drawing.


They did a great job!


It is always fun to see their faces when the water stays in the cup!  Science is magic!

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Blogging Fun!


The students are having a great time exploring our new app called Letter School!  Really popular app!


The great thing is that the animations are fabulous. As the children work through several repeats the animations keep changing!  Very cool!


I have added a few new pages to the blog.  We now have our very own gallery of the wonderful snowmen.  If you check at the top of the blog you will find the Snowmen Gallery.


I think I have almost all of them.  The missing ones should be there shortly!  I thought that the snowmen were just awesome and wanted to display all of them.  I hope you approve!


I am also planning to start our spelling tests.  I have created a new page and joined a website called Spelling City.  You should see the page at the top of the blog.

spelling city

If you click on the link on the page it will take you to our class home page on their site.  The first list is posted on the site.  The children can practise the words and there are some games such as word searches that they can do to help them practise.   This is new for me and I am excited about the possibilities for the children to practise their words online!


Please make sure that you check in on the student blog site.  This week our big buddies helped up personalize their sites.  The children got to pick their own template and avatar!  I know they are very proud of them.  You will need to ask them for the password to view the contents of their sites.  We posted a new entry about Twin Day this week.  The Kid Blog site graciously increased our storage space!  We had run out!  We kept trying to post entries with pictures that refused to load until I realized that we had a storage problem.  The people at Kid Blog were very helpful and we are very appreciative!

courtlynd blog

I would like to thank Courtlynd, one of our Grade Four big buddies, for her help with our student blogs on the Kid Blog site!  She has become quite a blogging expert and was an invaluable help to me when we were trying to figure out how to get the permissions set so the children could personalize their blogs!   Nice to know I have an expert to consult with about blogging!


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Raindrops and Letter School!

IMG_1722We had fun last week creating these little people carrying umbrellas that are much too big for them!  The children created little flip books based on the poem “Rain on the Green Grass” !


They did a great job illustrating them, don’t you think!


Isn’t it amazing that old wallpaper books have the exact patterns that we sometimes find on umbrellas!


I love to surf the app store looking for new apps.  This is my latest find!  It is called Letter School.


It is a great app about learning how to form letters and numerals correctly.  And the best part is that it is fun!


I showed it to the students today and I wish you could have heard all the giggles!  It teaches how to form both upper and lower case letters in the conventional format.  They had a great time working with it.  We continue to share the iPad using the Belkin headphone and some excellent sharing skills.  Everyone enjoyed taking their turn!  I am hoping that some students will pick up the correct formation of some of the letters they are still struggling to learn to do in the conventional format!  


 If you move your finger in the wrong direction it won’t move and just makes a funny little noise that indicates that you need to try a different way.  The animations for the letters are amazing!  

If you have someone in your house who is just learning the names of the letters and how to make them you definitely want to check out this app!


Even students in Grade One AND THEIR TEACHER love this app!

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