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Word Work Fun!


We have been having fun creating sentences using our word banks.  The children work together or by themselves to create sentences using the words in their word banks.


We have been challenging ourselves to make longer sentences!


They love to work with partners to create sentences.  Then we do a sharing session where the children move around the room to read each other’s sentences!



The children were very clever and figured out how to make their sentences really long by adding a connecting word like “and”!  They grabbed a scrap piece of paper and wrote the word “and” on a piece of paper and added it to their sentence all by themselves!  Then they made a really long sentence.


The children have been having fun creating words using linking cubes and magnetic letters during word work time.



They love to use the app on the iPads called Word Bingo to practice their Dolch words!  Really fun app!  You can also find it on the ABC Yah web site.


I love listening to them read their words and the sentences they create!  Too much fun!




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Fun with Words!


We have been having fun making sentences!  The children love making sentences on the Promethean Board.


Thank you to everyone who sent me their sentences using the word banks that were sent home!  The pictures are awesome and the sentences are fantastic!

evan sentences

 Here are just a few samples!  I have a lot more and will post them over the next little while!

owen sentence three


This is a neat idea from Evan’s family that I have to share!  They made flashcards of all the Pre-Primer Dolch words and put them on his bedroom ceiling.  Then Evan used his flashlight to find words to read!  Too much fun!  I think I will try it with our next word list in the classroom!

image2 (4)

We have been working with a variety of word recognition apps in the classroom.  One of my favorites is Montesorri Words.  T


The children have to spell the word to match the picture by dragging the appropriate letters to fill the boxes.  It has several levels of difficulty ranging from simple three and four letter words to more complicated crossword puzzles.  The children really like it because it rewards each correct answer with a fun page that lets them move a variety of images around the screen.




The other word recognition app we have been using a lot is Word Bingo.

word bingo

This is a great little app that lets the children practice the Dolch word lists.  There is a bingo component and a spelling component.

IMG_0014You can also find this game on the ABC Ya! site.  We have a link to the game on our classroom WIKI!

We have been working on learning to print our numbers and letters correctly.  Guess what!  There is an app for that!  My favorite one is called Letter School.  This is a very popular app.  The animations are amazing.  My favorite one is the lawnmower!





It is fun to listen to the children giggle at the animations.  It is really fun when I attach the iPad to our Promethean board!  They love the one with the fuse!  It looks like it blows up and shakes the whole screen.  Learning how to print can be lots of fun!



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Scarecrow Day Fun!


IMG_2236Friday was Scarecrow Day!  I loved all the costumes!  Thank you so much for participating!  We had some amazing scarecrows!  I took pictures of the whole class and individual pictures of everyone!  Good memories!

We tried to figure out how many scarecrows we had in the classroom.  I like scarecrows and I have quite a collection!  We actually didn’t finish counting them all as we got distracted when we realized that we had even more scarecrows because we were all dressed up as scarecrows.  I hope to do the search for my scarecrows next week instead!

We read one of my favourite stories by Margaret Wise Brown called The Scarecrow Boy.  In the story the little boy scarecrow wants to be a real scarecrow like his Dad.  One day he decides to run away and try to scare the crows in the cornfield all by himself.  He makes six different faces at the crow to try to scare it away!  As we read the story the children showed me their six scariest faces too!  Pretty scary!

Then they made their own scarecrow faces to go with the story.  Take a look!





We also make these delicious scarecrow faces.  Most of the students liked all or at least part of the dish!  Delicious!




We also made scarecrow books with our buddies.  They helped us cut and color them and put them together.  The big buddies helped the little buddies practice reading them, too!



I introduced an new app on the iPads to the children that focuses on learning the beginning sight words we are currently learning.  It is called Word Bingo.

word bingo

You can find it on the ABC Ya! website as well.  I like the version for the iPad!


We are currently working on the PrePrimer Dolch word list.  It has some additional games and a spelling practice component as well.


Take a look!  You can also find this game on our classroom WIKI page at the top of the screen.  Just follow the links!


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