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AR Dinosaur Fun!


We have been having a lot of fun with the Walking with Dinosaurs app.  This is a really cool augmented reality app that lets us pose with an augmented image of a variety of dinosaurs.  We use the photo booth section of the app to create these life like images!  The children choose the dinosaur they wish to pose with and what they want to act out.  Then I take a picture of them with the dinosaur superimposed on the picture. It looks real, doesn’t it!


We used these pictures to create a movie trailer about “The Day the Dinosaurs came to School” using the iMovie app.  The children had a really good time helping me with the captions for the movie trailer.  It was a great taking off point for a creative writing exercise about what happened with “their dinosaur”!  They did a great job!


Then  I used the Aurasma app to attach the iMovie trailer to their story.  I put the trigger image for the movie on their writing paper.


The Aurasma app allows me to attach a video to a trigger image.  The trigger image I choose is the little triceratops on the picture.  When they hover the iPad over the image it triggers the iMovie trailer to open and play!  Please come in and ask to view it with one of our iPads.


I will also be sending the trigger picture home in the next few days as well as the directions to view the image at home.  You will need to download the Aurasma app on your device.  This app is free at this time.    To view the trailer you need the link and the trigger image as I have not placed it on our public channel.  We used this app earlier this year for our At My School book we created on the iPad.

We have been having a great time with a new app called Chatterpix.  I used this app to create this little video!  You can add your voice and animate the picture to appear as if the picture is talking with this app.  Lots and lots of giggles with this one.

We have been slowly having the children take turns animating their dinosaur pictures using this app.  The children have to decide who will do the talking in their video.  Then they mark the mouth on their picture and start recording!  It is not easy to think of what your character will say for thirty seconds!   I have been attaching the videos to each  of their dinosaur pictures using the Aurasma app.  The Dinosaur stories will have two trigger images.  The dinosaur for the dinosaur movie and the picture of them and their dinosaur for their Chatterpix video.  Definitely a fun app with lots of possibilities!





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The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School!


We have had way too much fun with our dinosaur pictures!

I thought I would show you what else we did with the pictures!

brick dinosaur

I printed off the pictures of each child with their dinosaur on my color printer at home.  Then I made up a writing sheet with the title The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School!

We looked at all the pictures together and brainstormed about the pictures and possible things that could happen if a dinosaur came to school! And we had the pictures as proof!   What fun!  Then the children started writing their stories!  We have some amazing stories!


I also placed the trigger for the aura we made on Aurasma on the writing page as well as a special bonus! The aura is linked to the iMovie trailer we made with the pictures.


I sent the aura link home to everyone in an email already but now the picture trigger is embedded in the creative writing that the children did as well!  You need the picture to trigger the Aura!

After the children finished working on their stories, we used the iPads to trigger the auras.


They all came running to see the first one!


I have put the finished products out in the hallway for everyone to see.  The pictures alone are really cool and getting a lot of attention!  (So glad I found this app!) The stories are amazing and fun to read.



Adding the aura with the iMovie trailer we made with the dinosaur pictures adds a fun extra!  Sometimes, we have people who stop to look at the pictures and read the stories.  Then if I can, I have them use my iPad and have them try our “secret code” trigger  picture as well.  They are always surprised to see a picture start an iMovie trailer!

 Way too much fun!  


Still working on another project with the dinosaur pictures on the iPads….

Takes a bit longer and still trying to figure out the best way to share them…..

Stay tuned!

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Dinosaur Fun with iMovie and Augmented Reality Apps!


A little while ago we made a iMovie Trailer with our pictures that we took using the app Walking with Dinosaurs!


I am hoping my attempts to share it with you using the Aurasma app are working!  The movie trailer files are too big to send via email so this is my attempt at a go around!  Hopefully you have found the link to this aura in the email I sent home!   You should also have the trigger picture of the dinosaur at home as well!

Follow the directions in the email to access the aura!  Remember that you must open the aura within your email.


We had great fun slotting the pictures we took with the dinosaurs into an iMovie trailer slots and then figuring out what the words should say to go with the pictures!




I have to admit that we are having entirely too much fun with these three apps!

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Fun with AR and Gingerbread!

gin ar 3

We have been continuing to experiment with Augmented Reality using the Aurasma app.  I have been playing with this app and it’s a lot of fun!

I wanted to find a way to share a movie trailer that we made using the iMovie app about our Gingerbread house building activity we did with our buddy class in December.

gin ar

Using the Aurasma app I was able to link a picture of a gingerbread house to the movie trailer.  By opening the Aurasma app and then opening the link that I sent via email I have been able to share the movie trailer.  We have been using the iPads at school to share this with our class and our buddy class as well.

gin ar 1

It seems like magic!

gin ar 2

We have also been having more fun with the CoLAR app.


I showed the children some more “magic” colouring pages!  In this one the bird appears and starts walking about and eating worms.!


This is the picture of it on the big screen using the iPad and the projector so everyone can see!


This one is a merry-go-round with horses to celebrate the Year of the Horse.  The merry-go-round has sound effects too!



We also discovered that if you touch the rockets on the Fireworks picture for the Happy New Year picture that they shoot off and fireworks appears!  Too much fun!


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Too Much Fun with the iPads – Looking Back At Our Journey!


We have had a great time this year working and learning with the iPads.  Here are just a few of the highlights of our journey!

We used them to create stories.

beth my story

And poems,

owen christmas


gordon mar comic

And comics!

c alphabet

And alphabet books!

ella frog

frog john

And life cycle studies!

boyd bug

And mind maps!


And math books!

beth 100

And 100 collections for 100 day!


And movie trailers!


And labeling a diagram!


markartnee story

And some amazing illustrations!

We learned a lot! Thank you for sharing our journey with us and supporting our efforts!  We really appreciated your help and encouragement!  Too much fun!

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Fearless Techies! Too Much Fun!


The one thing I have noticed is that children are fearless when it come to technology!  They jump right in and try anything!

Today we made movie trailers!  We teamed up with our big buddies and worked on movie trailers using the IMovie app.  This app is awesome!   It has a variety of templates that the students can use  to create a wide variety of quick movie trailers.

lets make a movie

Our buddy class have been making them in their class and when Mrs. Marshall showed them to me I was hooked!

movie trailer

We got together in small groups  today and the students made movie trailers about friendship!

working kids

Then Mrs. Marshall and I made movie trailers about our students making movie trailers!  It was TOO MUCH FUN!   Now I have to figure out a way to share them with you!


These images are only screen shots from the trailer!  They really don’t show you how cool they are!  They have great music too!

The trailer templates let them put in photos and videos!  The finished product really does look like a real movie trailer! We will try to share some of the trailers at our open house we are having next week to showcase all our projects!  I will definitely have to find a way to share them with you!

The app is just under five dollars.  I have downloaded it to my iPad already!  I think it would be awesome to use this app at home and use it to keep track of special family times!  I wish we had found out about it sooner! They are definitely something we want to do again!

We only have two weeks left with the iPads!  Boy, I wish we could keep them!

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