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Fun with Pumpkins!


We have been having some fun with a cool augmented reality app called Quiver (used to be known as CoLAR).  I downloaded the trigger image page which is a colouring page found on their website.  I had the children colour the page and then used our smart board to share what happens when you hold an iPad with the app open over the trigger image of the pumpkins.  The pumpkins get up and dance around!  Too much fun!

You can find additional pictures on their website.  You can download the trigger images and experiment!  There are a variety of trigger images to choose from with ranging in subject area.  Some of the images are free.  Some of the images require you to download the images within the app for a small fee.

We hope you enjoyed the little booklet we made to help us practise our Halloween or Fall vocabulary using the words we are trying to practice!  The children had fun making the funky covers!


We have also been practising our new sight vocabulary words using our word bank bags.  The children cut out the words and then try to make up sentences using the words.  You should have received a small ziplock bag with a Halloween or Fall sticker on it with a lot of small pieces of paper with words on them last week.  I hope the children taught you how to play with them!  I took a few pictures of some of the sentences the children have created using these words.  The object of the exercise is to create as many sentences as you can!  We have the children create sentences and then we go around the classroom and try to read each other’s sentences!  Hopefully you have had some fun creating sentences at home.  It is a great way to practise the Dolch words in context!  Please take pictures of the sentences you create at home and with your permission I will post them on our blog!  Just email the pictures to me!


Here are the first sentences emailed to me!  Yeah!



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Happy Halloween Fun!




We made these special bat poems!  We learned about a lot of different kinds of bats.  The children completed a poem about bats with their favorite types of bats.  We watched a really cool National Geographic Kids video about the flying fox bat. Take a look!

The students have been creating additional Popplets on the iPads!  Here are a few more examples!  Many thanks to Abrielle’s Mom who  for helping the students with this project!






We also had a lot of fun creating these count-up Haunted House stories.  The children chose from a variety of Halloween foam stickers and created their own count-up story to match the haunted house!  They did a great job!



We had a lovely time on Halloween!  Thank you to all the parents who were able to help with this round of stations!


I hope the Dracula/Mummy cans were not too noisy!  The children really enjoyed them!  I have a group shot of all of them making the noise together and a video too!  We are using the clips to make a special project that I will send home to you soon!


Mr. Brick alias the Minion came to dance with us in the morning to the Happy Song!  Too much fun!


Definitely a Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Popplet Fun! CoLAR Pumpkin Fun Too!



We have been having some Halloween fun using a new app for us called Popplet!.  The children have been working in partners to create an idea web about Halloween.


I created a folder of Halloween clipart for the students to choose from on my iPad.  Then they created their Popplet by importing the images from the camera roll into their popplets and adding text to the pooplet using the words on the word walls and pocket charts in the classroom.






The children are making them in partners and we will post more of their efforts as soon as they are ready!  I love how fearless they are when it comes to technology!

We have also been having more fun with the CoLAR app and the pumpkin trigger picture.



I incorporated the image into a writing exercise.  We brainstormed some ideas about the dancing pumpkins and the children chose their favorites to add to the story prompt.


After the students wrote down their ideas and colored the pictures we used the iPads to activiate the trigger picture.  Lots of giggles and fun!

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Adding up the Fun!


We have had lots of fun learning last week!

We started off with our buddies working on our Five Little Pumpkin books!


Our buddies helped us make the fancy pop up covers!  Then they helped us read the book!


We also made a Five Little Pumpkins snack with them!  That’s the same as ants on a log but we used carrot rounds to pretend they were pumpkins instead!


We had an absolutely great day on our field trip to Brannen Lake for our hayride.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Thank you to everyone who was able to help us!

More about that trip later this week!  Watch for it!  

We had a great day on Halloween!  We had fun making a variety of crafts in the morning!


We made five little pumpkin puppets!



We made some mummy cans.  We learned how to make them do a special trick to make them sound like Dracula.  I hope everyone remembered their promise!  They promised to stop making their cans make the funny noise when they Moms told them too!  Hope you are all still talking to me!



We had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday doing centers with the other Grade One and Kindergarten students.  Thank you to everyone that came to help!

We had a great time looking at all the doors in the annual Halloween Door decorating contest!  This is our door!



We also make this funky Halloween quilt using squares and triangles!


We ended up our week working on addition stories.




And we worked some more with the Augmented Reality apps!





It all added up to a lot of learning fun!

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Busy, Busy Christmas Time!


The weeks have been flying by!  Why does December go so fast when you are an adult and so slow when you are a kid?

The elf and Gus have been surprising us each day in a different spot!  Here are just a few of their antics!  They have been leaving us books to read and puzzles to do!


We have been working on the iPads and we have used them quite a bit for silent reading time.  By adding the headphones to the iPads the children can listen to the stories without distraction.    I bought a neat accessory that lets me have several children at a time listen to one iPad using their headphones!



We have been doing lots of things with the iPads and with Christmas.   We have been drawing gingerbread men and making patterns.  We hope to incorporate these into a little book!

owen christmas

We made Christmas poems using Doodle Buddy.  The children had to create text boxes and add them to the screen and then add the pictures.  Doesn’t sound like much but when you are six it is a big deal!


They also had to change colors and use different sizes of stamps.  Lots of fun!

lauryn gin

Really looking forward to all the neat things we can try!

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Dracula Mummy Cans!

We had a lovely time on Halloween!  I hope everyone has forgiven me for the Dracula cans!  I just can’t resist them because the children really love them!  I found the original mummy can idea a long time ago.  Can’t remember exactly where…It was in one of the craft magazines that come out at Halloween.  It was always a big hit with the children, but then, one of my parents brought in the idea of the Dracula Can!  We HAD to put the two ideas together!

Our latest science experiment was hilarious.  I was having a bit of a day and couldn’t seem to get anything right.  The children were quite sympathetic!  This trend continued on into the demonstration of the science experiment!

The object of the experiment was to flick the card with several coins on top and have the pennies drop into the cup!  Well, it took me numerous tries to actually get the coins to drop into the cup!  The children thought it was hilarious!  But I persevered and after several tries managed to redeem myself!  The children were much more successful much to their delight!

Just wanted to show you one of the journal entries from our hay ride field trip!  Those parents who were with us will recognize the truck with the pumpkins!

I wish our day had been as sunny as this picture! But we managed to have lots of fun anyway!

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More Halloween Fun!

We have been having a lot of fun over the last few days!   We had an amazing time on our hay ride!  The children and parent volunteers were troupers about the rain!  The children got to pick a pumpkin from this neat old truck and had a hayride through the woods.  There were some spooky sights to see,  too! I bet I know which scary sight was the favourite!   Lots of excitement!  We even had an adventure when the hayride got a flat tire!  No worries!  We just had a little bit bumpier of a ride back!

We have been working hard on the door for the door decorating contest at the school!  The children made spooky jack-o-lanterns under the ghost eye tree!  I think they are amazing!  Love the amazing expressions!

We made a haunted house count up book today, too!  The children had a great time making the spooky characters peek through the windows!

The children also worked on our WIKI page today again and looked at the Halloween items.  Be sure to check out the pumpkin book.  Imagine having a carved jack-0-lantern so big that a child could be inside!  Too cool!

The skeletons are out and about in our classroom, too.  Watch for them to spook your house soon!

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Halloween Fun!

Over the past few weeks we have been having a lot of fun with Halloween.  We have been creating mini Halloween books that introduce new vocabulary and allow practise in a fun way!  The children had to match pictures to the appropriate sentences to create their books and I was really proud of their increasing independence!  They did a great job illustrating their cauldron covers, too!

We have also opened a very popular new centre that the children can work at after completing their independent assignments.

Over the last little while I have collected all the cool bugs that are available at the dollar store.  I also found these lovely cauldrons and mini cauldrons.  So…. now we have the Witch’s Brew Cafe!

I made a simple cloze sheet for the children to create their culinary masterpieces!  They decide on the items and how many of each item to add to their recipe.  When it is complete they serve their delicious treats to their friends.  The recipes can be remade by their friends by reading their recipes.  Lots of reading and counting practice!

I hope you have had a chance to visit your child’s blog site.  It can be found at the Student Blog page at the top of the screen.  Your child has the password.  If they have forgotten it just drop me a note and I will pass it on once again.

We are just beginning our journey with our student blogs and I hope you will be patient with our hiccups!

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