Halloween Fun!

Over the past few weeks we have been having a lot of fun with Halloween.  We have been creating mini Halloween books that introduce new vocabulary and allow practise in a fun way!  The children had to match pictures to the appropriate sentences to create their books and I was really proud of their increasing independence!  They did a great job illustrating their cauldron covers, too!

We have also opened a very popular new centre that the children can work at after completing their independent assignments.

Over the last little while I have collected all the cool bugs that are available at the dollar store.  I also found these lovely cauldrons and mini cauldrons.  So…. now we have the Witch’s Brew Cafe!

I made a simple cloze sheet for the children to create their culinary masterpieces!  They decide on the items and how many of each item to add to their recipe.  When it is complete they serve their delicious treats to their friends.  The recipes can be remade by their friends by reading their recipes.  Lots of reading and counting practice!

I hope you have had a chance to visit your child’s blog site.  It can be found at the Student Blog page at the top of the screen.  Your child has the password.  If they have forgotten it just drop me a note and I will pass it on once again.

We are just beginning our journey with our student blogs and I hope you will be patient with our hiccups!


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