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Fun with the Handhelds!


We have been having some fun recently using the handheld devices that came with our Promethean board.


We have a device for each child to use.  These handhelds are part of the Promethean board that we received as part of the Mind Share Learning Video Challenge package we won in 2014.  The ActivInspire software lets the students respond to questions individually using the handhelds.

They respond to the questions by typing in their response and then I can collate their results and share them!


You can see for this question we got 100%!



One of our students really got into it!


The students love this way of responding and were awesome about helping each other!





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Fun with our Promethean Handheld Devices!



We have been having a lot of fun using the handheld devices that came with our Promethean Board.  

 We won the devices and the Promethean board last year in the annual MindShare Learning Digital Video Challenge contest.   I wish the sponsors of the contest could come and see how much we love using our board and the handhelds.


We are a very lucky classroom!

We have had a lot of fun practicing our math and reading skills using the devices and some games that I managed to download for us.


The devices look a bit like little cell phones and the children are absolutely fearless about using them!


I love it when they cheer when everyone gets the answer!

Way too much fun!

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Go Pro Fun!


We also received another really cool prize in the mail that we are really keen to try out! A GO PRO camera which was sponsored by Mind Share Learning! I can’t wait to try it out!  I have been wishing for one ever since I saw a program about them on television.  So you can imagine my excitement when we received the mail from Robert Martellacci that it was on its way!  And it is here!   Our school will really have a lot of fun with this very cool tool!

I have been doing a lot of happy dances in the classroom lately!  Too Much Fun!

I think that the GoPro should go with us on a hayride, don’t you?  Way too much fun!

I think this camera is going to be going on a lot of trips!

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Too Much Fun with a Promethean Board!


We have an exciting new addition to our classroom!  Our Promethean board has been installed and is up and running!  Soooo exciting!


A lot of people helped get it operational and we would like to thank them for all their hard work!


We would especially like to thank the people from Promethean who sponsored this wonderful prize!  The board was one of the prizes in the Mindshare Learning Digital Video Learning Challenge contest that we won in the spring!  It is an amazing prize and WE LOVE IT!  It is going to be very well used!

IMG_3814 - Copy

We have been using it non-stop!


The students think it is very cool!


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Fun at ISTE!



This is a picture of me with Mobey from the BrainPop booth at the ISTE conference!  I had a great time at the ISTE conference in Atlanta, Georgia during the summer!  This conference is a huge conference for teachers using technology.  This year there were over 18,000 participants!  The conference registration was one of the prizes included in the Mindshare Learning Digital Learning Challenge contest that we won this year!  It was an amazing conference and I tried to take in as much as I could!  I am hoping to add some of the concepts I was introduced to in our classroom this year!


 I got to see some of the latest technology!

This guy was really cool!



This is Fintastic from Discovery Education trying to take a bite!

I managed to visit the aquarium in Atlanta during some break time and met some amazing animals!



Can you see the cute little penguins in the background? I think these are the penguins we watched on the webcam in our classroom!



I even got a chance to pet a stingray!




I got a chance to share all of the great work that our classroom has been doing with augmented reality and creative writing at the conference!

iste ignite tricia anton 13


I presented a short talk about the stories we have been writing using the augmented reality apps using pictures of the work we had done!

iste ignite tricia anton 12

Everyone seemed to really enjoy what they saw!


This is a view of part of the room where I shared our project just before the people came!

 It was the first time I had ever spoken to such a large group.

Pretty scary, but fun too!


There was a reception at the Canadian embassy in Atlanta.  This is where we received our awards!  That was definitely too much fun!

Everyone was so nice!


Wouldn’t you like to play with this guy?  Too much fun!!

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Fun with Boxes!


It beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, especially in our class!

The first box from the Mind Share Learning Video Challenge contest arrived last week!  Inside was an amazing new Epson PowerLite 96W WXGA 3LCD Projector!  Very cool!


You can see from the pictures that the children were very excited!  It definitely got a two thumbs up vote!  They actually liked all parts of the prize package as they even wanted to have the box!

I told them that I was sure they could have the box too!

We have been working on a variety of projects!


We are continuing to work on the pages for our snowman projects.  We will be compiling them into a special format very soon!


We are using a variety of different apps to create the pages to make our books about the snowmen.

danielle snow


We are taking pictures of all the snowmen and labeling them using the Doodle Buddy app!

nicole snow

The children have been working on pages describing their snowman’s favourite meals to add to their books.

snowman plate 2

And we have been working on the author/illustrator page!

danielle auth


emily author


I am very impressed at how well the children can put together the pages using a variety of apps!  Very cool!



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Super Fun! Winning a Contest!


We’ve had some really big news!  Thought this picture captures that feeling nicely!

It was created using the CoLAR app.  It is the one celebrating the Year of the Horse!

A while ago I mentioned that we had received our very first Skype call to our classroom!  That call was from a man named Robert Martellacci from Mind Share Learning.  He was calling to let us know that we were the Western winners in a contest we had entered!   A while back I created a short video about how we use technology in grade one and entered the 6th Annual  Mind Sharing Learning Video Challenge contest.   I thought it would give me a chance to learn how to use some different apps and be a great learning opportunity to help me become more proficient using the various apps.  I never dreamed that we would actually win!


mind share learning win

Needless to say we are very excited!

We won $15,000 worth of new technology for our school to use!   Still pinching myself everyday!  The video we entered showcases the work we have done in grade one using technology.

Mr. Brick posted the link to our video on the school newsletter several times!  I think he is almost as excited as we are!  If you missed it, this is our video!


Mr. Brick took our picture just after the call to send to Mr. Martellacci  for the press release.



This is the picture that Emily drew in her journal later that morning!  IMG_2788

Too cute!

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