Fun at ISTE!



This is a picture of me with Mobey from the BrainPop booth at the ISTE conference!  I had a great time at the ISTE conference in Atlanta, Georgia during the summer!  This conference is a huge conference for teachers using technology.  This year there were over 18,000 participants!  The conference registration was one of the prizes included in the Mindshare Learning Digital Learning Challenge contest that we won this year!  It was an amazing conference and I tried to take in as much as I could!  I am hoping to add some of the concepts I was introduced to in our classroom this year!


 I got to see some of the latest technology!

This guy was really cool!



This is Fintastic from Discovery Education trying to take a bite!

I managed to visit the aquarium in Atlanta during some break time and met some amazing animals!



Can you see the cute little penguins in the background? I think these are the penguins we watched on the webcam in our classroom!



I even got a chance to pet a stingray!




I got a chance to share all of the great work that our classroom has been doing with augmented reality and creative writing at the conference!

iste ignite tricia anton 13


I presented a short talk about the stories we have been writing using the augmented reality apps using pictures of the work we had done!

iste ignite tricia anton 12

Everyone seemed to really enjoy what they saw!


This is a view of part of the room where I shared our project just before the people came!

 It was the first time I had ever spoken to such a large group.

Pretty scary, but fun too!


There was a reception at the Canadian embassy in Atlanta.  This is where we received our awards!  That was definitely too much fun!

Everyone was so nice!


Wouldn’t you like to play with this guy?  Too much fun!!


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