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Fun with Bat Facts!


We have had a great time during the last few weeks working on a variety of projects.  One of them has been a mini-unit about bats.  We watched a movie about the flying fox bat that I found on the National Geographic kids channel.  We also read a few books about bats to find out about all the different kinds of bats.  We made a little poem by filling in the blanks with our favourite bats.  Then we made our bat covers!


I created a QR code to attach to the project!  When the students scan the code using the iPads the video we watched about the flying foxes comes up.  The urrl for the video is attached to the QR code.  I use a QR code generator that I found online to attach the urrl to a code which is generated and I then print off!


The children have been asking me to add QR codes to everything now!


I couldn’t get a good picture of the QR code in action because it linked to the video too fast!  Good WIFI!


We use an app called Scan to view the QR codes!  If you have Scan or a QR code reader on your idevice you can view the video we watched too! Have fun!











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Happy Halloween Fun!




We made these special bat poems!  We learned about a lot of different kinds of bats.  The children completed a poem about bats with their favorite types of bats.  We watched a really cool National Geographic Kids video about the flying fox bat. Take a look!

The students have been creating additional Popplets on the iPads!  Here are a few more examples!  Many thanks to Abrielle’s Mom who  for helping the students with this project!






We also had a lot of fun creating these count-up Haunted House stories.  The children chose from a variety of Halloween foam stickers and created their own count-up story to match the haunted house!  They did a great job!



We had a lovely time on Halloween!  Thank you to all the parents who were able to help with this round of stations!


I hope the Dracula/Mummy cans were not too noisy!  The children really enjoyed them!  I have a group shot of all of them making the noise together and a video too!  We are using the clips to make a special project that I will send home to you soon!


Mr. Brick alias the Minion came to dance with us in the morning to the Happy Song!  Too much fun!


Definitely a Happy Halloween!

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Going Batty about Bats!

Yesterday we started learning about bats!  We read several non fiction books about bats.  There are a lot of different kinds of bats!  We made a list of our favourite ones and wrote a poem in a simple frame format.  Then we turned them into bat books.  I found a really cool video about bats on the Primary Games site.  It can be found on this address.

We watched it several times today.  It is a really cool video.  So I decided to go looking for other videos about bats.  And I found this one about the flying fox as well.  This bat can have a wingspan of about six feet!  Take a look! This is the world’s biggest bat!


Did you know that there is a bat that weighs less than a penny?  It is the world’s smallest bat! What is its name?

That’s your homework!

Soon you will be batty about bats, too!

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