Going Batty about Bats!

Yesterday we started learning about bats!  We read several non fiction books about bats.  There are a lot of different kinds of bats!  We made a list of our favourite ones and wrote a poem in a simple frame format.  Then we turned them into bat books.  I found a really cool video about bats on the Primary Games site.  It can be found on this address.


We watched it several times today.  It is a really cool video.  So I decided to go looking for other videos about bats.  And I found this one about the flying fox as well.  This bat can have a wingspan of about six feet!  Take a look! This is the world’s biggest bat!


Did you know that there is a bat that weighs less than a penny?  It is the world’s smallest bat! What is its name?

That’s your homework!

Soon you will be batty about bats, too!


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