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Fun with Bugs!

saige and ella popplet

We have just started our unit of study about insects!  And of course, I went looking for cool apps about insects.  I was not disappointed!

I also found some great apps for organizing facts and ideas!  One of them is called Popplet!  It lets the children create a web of related ideas.

I went online and pre-loaded some images of insects for them to choose from and saved them to the camera roll.

boyd bug

To create the web they started with one popplet and added an appropriate text to define their web.  Then they had to add six popplets with an insect in each.  They had to create the popplet and then choose to add a picture, find the picture in the camera roll and add it to the popplet.  I did a quick 10 minute demo and then had some children work with a partner to create the first ones!

As usual, they were fearless! I think they look great!  Lots of learning! Thanks to Matt B Gomez for the great idea!


I also found a great app  called The Lady Bug by Scholastic.  They loved it!

circle ladybug

This is a great interactive nonfiction book app.  Very colourful and interactive.  

ladybug leaf

They especially liked listening to the ladybugs sleeping inside the tree!  We think it sounded like snoring!


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Mystery Math Fun!

mystery math map


I am always on the look out for new apps and yesterday I found a new math app called Mystery Math Town.  It was a huge hit!  You know it’s a good one when one of the students asks you to put it on the blog.  He really wanted me to post about it tonight on the blog. I promised I would!  I think that the app was just under three dollars.

math mystery room

It has multiple levels and can be set up to move from easier problems to more difficult problems using different math operations.  I like it because it makes the children think about how they need to put the numbers together to make a true number story.

math ,ystery room

Take a look at how focused the children were on this new app.  They did a great job taking turns and figuring out strategies together to explore the app and figure out the answers.




Very cooperative, don’t you think!

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Frog and Toad Friendship Fun!


We had a Frog and Toad day last week!  I love the Frog and Toad stories for many reasons!  I love the stories, the theme behind the stories, the exploration of characters, and the fact that they are written for children to read and they are well written!  The basic theme of the stories is about friendship.  They also deal with characteristics of people.  Frog is an optimist who generally looks for the positive and Toad is, well, a bit grumpy…  Frog always wins him over and Toad is a grateful friend.  We just read one of the books in the series called Frog and Toad are Friends.  There are several stories in this book.  We had a hard time choosing our favourite.  We either liked them all or we liked the story The Lost Button or The Letter.  All of them are great examples of being a friend.  We made a story map about the The Lost Button story.  The children did a great job!  Take a look!





I love all the detail!  We tried to add the buttons that they found too!

closeup of frog origami



We made origami frogs to “act” out the story map.  When you stroke them on their backs, they hop!

So then, of course, we had to have a race!

frog race


Ready, set, hop!

frog john


Another one of our frog life cycles!  We are almost done!  Have to find a way to present them all at once for you to see!  Researching……

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Deep Sea Fun!

Today we learned about a very special submersible!  Lars’ Dad, Mr. Bulman came in to show us some cool pictures of the submersible that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench That’s the deepest part of the ocean which is seven miles deep!   This is the submersible piloted by James Cameron in the DeepSea Challenge project.   Mr. Bulman told us all about how the submersible was built!  Very cool!

Lars’ Dad worked on the communication systems on the submersible.  We learned about how hard it was to communicate with the sub because it went down so deep!  We counted to see how long it would take before we would be able to hear what Mr. Cameron said and how long it would take for him to hear us back if we were listening to the conversation!  Mr. Bulman told us about the sound waves and how they used them to keep track of the submersible.

It was really interesting to see how the submersible was built and how hard everyone worked to built it.  The children were very impressed with the fact that the team worked 18 hour days at times and sometimes even longer than that! We learned about how small the space was that Mr. Cameron had to sit in and tried to imagine what that would be like! Lars’ Mom helped us understand about how much pressure was on the outside of the submersible pushing in!  We learned a lot!  Later, during eat and read time we watched some videos about the project.  Take a look!

Last week we were learning about Chris Hadfield and the International Space Station and this week we are learning about the wonders of the deep ocean!  Too cool!

Take a look at the work one student brought to me about Chris Hadield.  She had her mom scribe for her and wrote down all the neat things she had learned about Chris Hadfield and even downloaded some pictures to share!  I am sure that Chris Hadfield would be impressed if he could see it!


Too cool!

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We Are Dancing!


I love to surf to find new ideas on the net.  I found a great site recently at one of my favourite teacher sites.  He is a kindergarten teacher named MattbGomez and he has a great site.  He created these Symbaloo sites of his favourite dance video using a safeshare version.   I can go to his Symbaloo site and just click on the dance video we want to do and we have a great exercise break that everyone enjoys! I am going to have to figure out how to use Symbaloo!

Barbara Ann is one of our favourites!

I like to use this site because the videos have been filtered through safeshare.  I love the JustDance Kids videos!  I have a lot of favourites!

Anybody want to dance?  

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Something to Tweet About!


A week ago we made a twitter board with our buddy class!  They had created a twitter bulletin board with “tweets” about something they wanted to share!  Really interesting to read and find out about what’s important to them right now!  So they showed us how to do it!


The children are writing on their own personal strip each week and sharing something important to them!  An upscale “show and tell”!  The bulletin board “twitter board” lets each child share their important moments.


I have been researching class twitter boards and decided to take the plunge this week!  We now have our own Twitter account.  It is a protected account.  That means that to post to the account I must approve the comment.  That protects us from posts that are not appropriate.  The blog posts are also posted on the Twitter account!


We tweeted to Chris Hadfield to let him know that we enjoyed his videos about life on the space station.  We also tweeted to another class that has a Twitter account.  There are some really neat uses of Twitter that we will be exploring in the future.

ella frog

The children are continuing to create their  frog life cycle pages on the iPad using the images that I have downloaded for them and Strip Designer.  When they are complete I will figure out some way to share them with you!  Here is another sample that is complete!  Love the Hello and Boing!


We did a research project on frogs this week!  The children had to sort facts about frogs into four different categories.  We read them and decided which category fit the best.  I was so proud of their reading.  Some of the words were hard!


They did a great job!  We are collating all our frog stuff into a frog folder!


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Wacky Water Fun! Space Age Style!

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat dessert in space with zero gravity! Take a look!

Today was very special because we got to watch Chris Hadfield, our astronaut at the International Space Station sing in real time!  We tried to watch the live link from the Space Station but we experienced some technical difficulties.  So we got bits and pieces at a time but it was still live!  Imagine that!  Really cool to watch and realize that Commander Hadfield was singing with thousands of children in a live concert from space!  We ended up watching the cool videos he has been creating about his experiments in space.  One of the really cool ones was about that happens to water in space.  Take a look!

So in science today we did an experiment about surface tension and water too!

Take a look! I bet you were wondering about the string that got sent home today!


Now you can try!  It’s hard to believe that the water stays on the string, isn’t it!  Now imagine how cool the water behaves at the space station!  

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Frog Fun!


We have been working on life cycles over the last little while.  Right now we are learning about frogs!  Today, we started making a digital image of the frog’s life cycle using the iPads.  I googled frog images and then saved them on the iPad.  Of course, the iPad makes it super easy to download images!  I had read about it and tried it today and it is so neat!  Thank you to for the tutorial.  He had done it with his kindergarten students using the butterfly cycle and the Story Buddy 2 app.  You just pick the image you want, tap on the image, and then hold you finger on it and a popup will appear inviting you to save the image.  It saves to the camera roll.  Once it is on the camera roll we can do lots of things with it! The possibilities are endless!  I showed the children the images I had been able to capture and then we imported them into Strip Designer to make a pictorial image of the frog’s life cycle.  Then we added the words!  One demonstration and then off they went in pairs!

frog_mrs_anton (1)

We have also been able to watch some really neat videos created by the National Geographic about frogs.  This one is about the Strawberry Poison Dart frog!

The children have also been exploring the Storybook Maker app and it is amazing what they have produced.  I am trying to figure out away to upload a book to the blog so that you can see!

They love using the camera on the iPad to take pictures.  Even the caterpillar that was brought for Show and Tell starred in a book!


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