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Dancing Fun!

We have been dancing in our gym classes for a while now!  Last year I found a great site that has compiled a group of dance videos created by the Just Dance group.  We started dancing to them in gym last year for exercise.  Too much fun!  Here are a few of our favourites!

You can find the rest of the videos on our class WIKI site.  You will find that page at the top of this blog!  It is called Mrs. Anton’s WIIKI page   I have Dance Mix, Dance Mix Two and the Disney Dance Mix linked  on that site. A big thank you to Kinderchat for creating these Symbaloo Mixes.

The Symbaloo mixes are created using SafeShare which makes sure that only the videos are accessible to the children.  The links on the WIKI use the SafeShare site.

I have also introduced the children to the Sesame Street Symbaloo Mix.  We especially love the Cookie Monster one called Share it Maybe!  Mr. Brick told me about this one!  I love the ending where the Cookie Monster shares his last cookie!

I will put a link up on the WIKI for the Sesame Street Symbaloo Mix soon!



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We Are Dancing!


I love to surf to find new ideas on the net.  I found a great site recently at one of my favourite teacher sites.  He is a kindergarten teacher named MattbGomez and he has a great site.  He created these Symbaloo sites of his favourite dance video using a safeshare version.   I can go to his Symbaloo site and just click on the dance video we want to do and we have a great exercise break that everyone enjoys! I am going to have to figure out how to use Symbaloo!

Barbara Ann is one of our favourites!

I like to use this site because the videos have been filtered through safeshare.  I love the JustDance Kids videos!  I have a lot of favourites!

Anybody want to dance?  

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