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100!! Too Much Fun!

IMG_2705On Friday, we celebrated 100 days of school!  We did a lot of different things!  For fun, I downloaded an app called Aging Booth that ages your picture.  We had a lot of fun taking pictures and then aging the picture 100 years!  I managed to print them off and the children worked with their buddies on Friday to complete an “If I were 100” page.  They are great!



We had a lot of giggles seeing how we would look in 100 years!  My picture was very scary!


Working together we read 106 stories!  The children worked as partners to read stories to each other and then recorded the title of the story and their names on a post-it.  Lots of reading!

We made fruit loop necklaces by counting 10 Fruitloops into 10 plates and then threading them on a string!  We also made a trail mix with 100 things.  We checked our counting!


Both snacks made it home, I hope!

We had two lovely 100 day cakes!  Thank you so much to the two moms who volunteered to make them!  The cakes were both gobbled up.  We shared the cakes with our Big Buddy class as well.  I posted pictures of the cakes on our class Twitter page!

We have also been having fun in science.


We did an experiment we call Hole in the Hand.   The brain is tricked into thinking that you have a hole in your hand.  We also had fun with playing tricks on the eyes with the Eric Carle book,  Hello Red Fox.  In the book, a little frog invites different animals to his birthday party.  When he invites each animal the mother fox questions his perception of the color of the animal.  He tells his Mom that she has not looked at his friend hard enough.  The children look at the picture of the green fox with a small black dot in the center of the image and then after counting to 10 move their eyes to the  next page and a red fox appears on the blank page!  You can check out Eric Carle’s website to have him explain  the exact way it works.


Hopefully, the children shared this experiment with you at home!

This post is mostly about 100 day but it is also the 100th  post of this blog!   Very special for me!  I have learned a lot about technology and hopefully you have enjoyed seeing little snapshots of what happens in your child’s life at school.

When I started this blog, with the coaxing of my friend, Shelley, I had no idea how much I would learn and how much fun it would be!  The purpose of the blog was to share our journey using the iPads during our initial project.  It has evolved along the way and become a way to share what the children are doing and the different new things we are learning –  including technology.  The children often ask me to put their work up on the blog and it is lots of fun to see their faces in the morning when they see their hard work is there for everyone to see!

I have learned about a lot of new things along the way!  Way too much fun!


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Fun with AR and Gingerbread!

gin ar 3

We have been continuing to experiment with Augmented Reality using the Aurasma app.  I have been playing with this app and it’s a lot of fun!

I wanted to find a way to share a movie trailer that we made using the iMovie app about our Gingerbread house building activity we did with our buddy class in December.

gin ar

Using the Aurasma app I was able to link a picture of a gingerbread house to the movie trailer.  By opening the Aurasma app and then opening the link that I sent via email I have been able to share the movie trailer.  We have been using the iPads at school to share this with our class and our buddy class as well.

gin ar 1

It seems like magic!

gin ar 2

We have also been having more fun with the CoLAR app.


I showed the children some more “magic” colouring pages!  In this one the bird appears and starts walking about and eating worms.!


This is the picture of it on the big screen using the iPad and the projector so everyone can see!


This one is a merry-go-round with horses to celebrate the Year of the Horse.  The merry-go-round has sound effects too!



We also discovered that if you touch the rockets on the Fireworks picture for the Happy New Year picture that they shoot off and fireworks appears!  Too much fun!


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