Frog Fun!


We have been working on life cycles over the last little while.  Right now we are learning about frogs!  Today, we started making a digital image of the frog’s life cycle using the iPads.  I googled frog images and then saved them on the iPad.  Of course, the iPad makes it super easy to download images!  I had read about it and tried it today and it is so neat!  Thank you to for the tutorial.  He had done it with his kindergarten students using the butterfly cycle and the Story Buddy 2 app.  You just pick the image you want, tap on the image, and then hold you finger on it and a popup will appear inviting you to save the image.  It saves to the camera roll.  Once it is on the camera roll we can do lots of things with it! The possibilities are endless!  I showed the children the images I had been able to capture and then we imported them into Strip Designer to make a pictorial image of the frog’s life cycle.  Then we added the words!  One demonstration and then off they went in pairs!

frog_mrs_anton (1)

We have also been able to watch some really neat videos created by the National Geographic about frogs.  This one is about the Strawberry Poison Dart frog!

The children have also been exploring the Storybook Maker app and it is amazing what they have produced.  I am trying to figure out away to upload a book to the blog so that you can see!

They love using the camera on the iPad to take pictures.  Even the caterpillar that was brought for Show and Tell starred in a book!


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