Wacky Water Fun! Space Age Style!

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat dessert in space with zero gravity! Take a look!

Today was very special because we got to watch Chris Hadfield, our astronaut at the International Space Station sing in real time!  We tried to watch the live link from the Space Station but we experienced some technical difficulties.  So we got bits and pieces at a time but it was still live!  Imagine that!  Really cool to watch and realize that Commander Hadfield was singing with thousands of children in a live concert from space!  We ended up watching the cool videos he has been creating about his experiments in space.  One of the really cool ones was about that happens to water in space.  Take a look!

So in science today we did an experiment about surface tension and water too!

Take a look! I bet you were wondering about the string that got sent home today!


Now you can try!  It’s hard to believe that the water stays on the string, isn’t it!  Now imagine how cool the water behaves at the space station!  


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