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Space Fun plus AR Math Fun!

ryleigh space

We have been working on a space theme this month.  The children have been using  the iPads to create these awesome pages about space.

We have been learning about the moon and the sun.  We watched a few cool videos on Brain Pop Jr. about the phases of the moon.

hayden marley space

I downloaded some neat space images from the internet onto the camera roll of the iPads.  Then I showed the children how to import the pictures from the camera roll into an app called Strip Designer.  It is one of my favorite apps.

austin garrett space

After that short demonstration I handed the iPads over to the children.


They worked as partners and chose the pictures they wanted and placed them in the cells on the page. Then, with a little help, they added a text box describing the image.


The children are fearless.  They pop in and out of the camera roll, sizing and re-sizing their pictures to fit the spaces and then deciding on the various options for captions and the accompanying text with ease.

I think the product looks amazing!  Grade One students can do a lot, can’t they?

We also found an really neat math app called Fetch! Lunch Rush.


It uses augmented reality in a really neat way to help the students practice their adding skills.


You need to download some pages with the number trigger images and cut them out first.  The students have to help find the correct amount of sushi to complete the addition sentence.


The funny little dog talks them through the process.  Several children can play at the same time.  They choose the player they would like to be and then take turns solving the problems.  When they aim the iPad at the correct answer the sushi rolls appear in 3 D!  It keeps score and there is a bit of a time element!  Very popular!


Don’t you want to play too?





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Magnetic Math Fun!


We have been having a lot of fun with subtraction this week.  First we learned about subtraction by pretending to have a donut store.  The donuts were fruit loops.  To understand subtraction really well it helps to really subtract something!


We would decide how many donuts could be on our plates and then subtract (eat) some and see how many were left!  I think they got it!


The next day we worked with magnets and paper clips to make subtraction stories!  The children each had ten paper clips.  They decided how many they wanted to put in the plate. Then they waved their magnet over the plate like a magic wand to see how many they could pick up!  Then they recorded their story!  Lots of fun!


Please excuse the blurriness of this picture!  Definitely an action shot!


Of course we had to experiment with the magnets!  This is a picture of them moving the paper clips like magic by using the magnet inside their desks to move the magnets on top of their desks!  Another action shot as the paper clips are blurry because they were moving when I took the picture! Cool trick!

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Mystery Math Fun!

mystery math map


I am always on the look out for new apps and yesterday I found a new math app called Mystery Math Town.  It was a huge hit!  You know it’s a good one when one of the students asks you to put it on the blog.  He really wanted me to post about it tonight on the blog. I promised I would!  I think that the app was just under three dollars.

math mystery room

It has multiple levels and can be set up to move from easier problems to more difficult problems using different math operations.  I like it because it makes the children think about how they need to put the numbers together to make a true number story.

math ,ystery room

Take a look at how focused the children were on this new app.  They did a great job taking turns and figuring out strategies together to explore the app and figure out the answers.




Very cooperative, don’t you think!

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Making Books! iPad Style!


One of the final projects we worked on with the iPads was a math book.  The children used a combination of apps to create their math books.  They really loved this project and worked on it for a long time very happily!  I found the beginning of the idea on a neat website called Journey with an iPad by Kate Lechleiter.  She had a post about using Doodle Buddy and ten frames to represent numbers.  She took a picture of the ten frame and used it as a background on Doodle Buddy.  Then the children used the stamps to represent numbers.

lars nick math

I thought that I would like to see the children take this idea and create addition stories with it.  I took a picture of a ten frame on each iPad so that it was in the camera roll.  The children then used that picture as their background and used the stamp feature in Doodle Buddy to create their own addition stories.  Then they recorded the addition stories underneath them.

Then we took our stories and imported them into Strip Designer to create our math books.  They turned out great!  The children had such a good time creating them that they wanted to make even bigger stories.  So I took pictures of two ten frames together so that the students who wanted a bigger challenge could create even bigger stories.  

The children made up to four or five pages of addition stories in Strip Designer.  I discovered that I could save the work as a PDF file and save it in iBooks.  Then I was able to email it to myself and then forward on a copy of the book to their homes!  I also printed off a hard copy of the book.  It is in black and white.  I like the digital version better!

c alphabet

The last day with the iPads we decided to create an alphabet book with the iPads.  We used a combination of photographs of things in the classroom. pictures of the children, and drawings done in Doodle Buddy.  We took these images from the camera roll and imported them into Strip Designer to create our pages.

w alphabet

We have the whole alphabet done!  They turned out great!  I am hoping to collate them into a Photostory which I will upload to a cloud so everyone can download a copy!

Yesterday, the iPads were picked up.  We decided to use them until they came to pick them up! I let the children choose to work with any app that they wanted to for the last time.   We had some student teachers visiting and it was fun to see the children sharing their favourite apps with these teachers.  I know the teachers were impressed with how comfortable they were navigating around the various apps creating their last projects.

beth fish comic

payton last

We really loved our iPad project!

mr mugs ipad 2

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100 Day Fun!


Yesterday we celebrated 100 Days of School!  It is one of my favourite days because it is fun to see how much they have learned in 100 days!  The first thing we did was read 100 stories together!  When I told them we were going to read 100 stories they were a little surprised and didn’t think it was possible.  When I lay out the process they jumped onboard!  The children got together in little groups of two or three students.


They found a story to read from my collections of books and got together in a cosy spot and read the book together.  Then they recorded the title of the story on a post-it and signed their names under the title.  Then, they put the post-it up on the chart.  Working together we read 100 stories in no time at all and the added bonus is that everyone got lots of reading practise too!   We actually read 104 stories!

The children got lots of practise counting to 100.  We counted 100 fruit loops to make a necklace and we counted out 10 different kinds of little snack items to make a 100 item snack!  Yum!  We wrote about 100 too!


Having 100 dinosaurs would definitely be a problem!

base ten

We have been working with place value concepts relating to 100 day and I have managed to put some new links on the WIKI page from the ABC Ya! site.  The children tried them out in the lab and seemed to really enjoy them.  I am sure they would enjoy showing you at home.  The most popular app right now in the class on the iPads is Base Ten Fun!

bingo base ten


100 chart


The 100 Number  Chart game and Base Ten Bingo can be found on the ABC Ya Site.  I have created a link to these games on the WIKI.   Check them out!



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Too Much Number Fun!

IMG_1477We have been working with place value concepts in anticipation of our 100th Day of school!

The children had a great time being the giant hand on the projector creating numbers using the base ten materials.


 The children have also been learning how to create sets of ten using a variety of materials as well as creating sets of 100 on the iPads.  Last week I found a really cool app for place value called Base Ten Fun!  You can find the game on the the ABCYa! Site as well!  It is fun to assign math practise and have the children cheer!  


We have been working hard on our Snowmen projects as well.  The children have been creating books about their snowmen using the My Story app.  I LOVE this  app.  The children have become very proficient at it.  We can import files left, right, and center!  We are looking forward to sharing these projects with you at an Open House day soon!


We have been creating stories about the snowmen.  Here is a sample of what a snowman likes to eat!

2013-02-06 14.06.26

2013-02-06 13.37.38

Here are some more snowmen diagrams created with Doodle Buddy!

2013-02-08 09.26.45

I never get tired of seeing the wonderful illustrations that children are willing to create for me on the iPads!

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