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Fun with Hungry Fish and QR Codes!


We have been having fun with a new to us app called Hungry Fish by Motion Math!  It is a great little app that lets the students practice their addition facts.


We have the free version loaded on our iPads at school which only has the addition operations displayed.

download (1)

If you want you can  download the paid version to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.


The object of the app is to join bubbles with addends that make the total!.


You can add more than two or more bubbles together to make the sum!


We have also been having fun using the shortcut QR code that I created for our class website.  The children can use the Scan app and hold the iPad over the code and it takes them right to our class website.  I have them scattered all around the classroom so the children can access them easily!


That is a lot easier than trying to type in the urrl! QR codes are fun!


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Space Fun plus AR Math Fun!

ryleigh space

We have been working on a space theme this month.  The children have been using  the iPads to create these awesome pages about space.

We have been learning about the moon and the sun.  We watched a few cool videos on Brain Pop Jr. about the phases of the moon.

hayden marley space

I downloaded some neat space images from the internet onto the camera roll of the iPads.  Then I showed the children how to import the pictures from the camera roll into an app called Strip Designer.  It is one of my favorite apps.

austin garrett space

After that short demonstration I handed the iPads over to the children.


They worked as partners and chose the pictures they wanted and placed them in the cells on the page. Then, with a little help, they added a text box describing the image.


The children are fearless.  They pop in and out of the camera roll, sizing and re-sizing their pictures to fit the spaces and then deciding on the various options for captions and the accompanying text with ease.

I think the product looks amazing!  Grade One students can do a lot, can’t they?

We also found an really neat math app called Fetch! Lunch Rush.


It uses augmented reality in a really neat way to help the students practice their adding skills.


You need to download some pages with the number trigger images and cut them out first.  The students have to help find the correct amount of sushi to complete the addition sentence.


The funny little dog talks them through the process.  Several children can play at the same time.  They choose the player they would like to be and then take turns solving the problems.  When they aim the iPad at the correct answer the sushi rolls appear in 3 D!  It keeps score and there is a bit of a time element!  Very popular!


Don’t you want to play too?




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Here come the Snowmen! And the Penguins!


The snowman project is my favourite project of the year!  The snowmen are absolutely fantastic!  Thank you for supporting this project with such enthusiasm!


They are all so different and it looks like you had some fun making them! These are just a few of them.  I hope to create a gallery online of all of them!



We are using the snowmen as a jumping off point for some writing we will be doing.  We are  compiling some pages together to make each snowman’s story!

We will be using My Story and Doodle Buddy to create the pages for the books!

markartnee snowman

We have already made the diagram page using Doodle Buddy! I love the detail and the colours!  The children just love drawing using the iPads.


We have also been working on a small mini unit about penguins.  After reading several books about penguins and watching the penguin video on Tumblebooks we working on a penguin research project.



We sorted a set of facts that I have compiled for them into four different groups.  Then the children cut them out and glued them to the appropriate category page.  This is the result!  The children are quite proud of them!

john 100

saige and kynan 100

We are starting to work on place value.  We used the iPads and the app Doodle Buddy to learn about making 100 things.  The children had to make ten sets of ten different stamps using the stamp tool.

beth 100

They had a lot of fun and it was a great way of reinforcing the idea of  ten sets of ten!

We have been learning a lot of different strategies to use to add.  The most recent strategy has been using the number line.  The children have learned to count on from the biggest number with counters and now they are using the number line to count on.  They like that it is much quicker!  I have introduced the app Math Bingo.


It is a great app that allows them to practise their number facts in a fun way.  So far, we have only used the addition facts.  However this app lets them practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  So this app could be good for big brother or sister too!  You can also find it on ABCYah!   You can see that they use their number line to help them figure out the answers!  Eventually, they will know them by memory with enough practise!


We have also been working with  some fun new counters playing Add It Up!  Everyone makes a story on their workspace and then they go around and solve their friend’s stories.


Here’s another one of the snowmen!  Aren’t they great!


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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Ipad Style!


Today we tried out a few new apps on the iPads.  One of the goals we have this term is to master the Primer Dolch Word lists.  There is a cool app called Sight Word Bingo that lets the children practise the words in a fun way.  They also get a chance to practise spelling these words too so that they “stick”.  The children worked in partners and practised the words for a little while.  No trouble staying focussed and they appeared to be having fun practising!  Better than flash cards!  You can also find this program at the ABC Yah site.  There is a link to ABCYah on the WIKI page.  Check it out!  If you have an iPad you might want to download the app!  It has all the levels we need to focus on this year.  Not too expensive either…


Then we did some work with a neat program called DoodleCast.  I love this app.  It provides a picture prompt for the children to get started drawing.  Then it records all their drawing AND  it records them talking about their drawing.  Then they can play it back and listen to themselves.  The look on their faces was priceless!  I really like how it helps the students build their oral language especially when describing their work.  They realized that they had to organize their thoughts and explain themselves when they listened to their efforts!  Then they tried again.  Each effort improved and it was fun to listen to their efforts.  Mr.  Brick came by and listened to a few too!  The work is saved to the camera roll on the iPad and can be sent as an email too!  The intermediate equivalent of this app is a program called Explain Everything.  If you have ever taken a look at the Khan Academy they use a similar idea!  We are using the junior version!


In the afternoon the children created their own math practise with Doodle Buddy.  Using the stamps they created a addition story and recorded the equation.  They copied down their story and then went on to copy down all their friend’s stories.  Lots of counting practise and adding practise mixed up together with fun!


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Math Fun!

I couldn’t wait!  I am worse than the kids!  I like Christmas.  So I got out some of the Christmas stuff.  We only have 15 teaching days in December so I needed to get a head start!  We did some math with the new Christmas counting materials and workspaces.   Too much fun!  The children had to copy  down and solve all their friend’s addition stories.

We also had our first visit to our new computer lab.  It is AWESOME!



And we started learning some new Christmas vocabulary!  The children did a great job on their booklets and read them to the student teachers who came to visit, observe, and help today!

Hopefully, they will read them to you, too!

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