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Fearless Techies! Too Much Fun!


The one thing I have noticed is that children are fearless when it come to technology!  They jump right in and try anything!

Today we made movie trailers!  We teamed up with our big buddies and worked on movie trailers using the IMovie app.  This app is awesome!   It has a variety of templates that the students can use  to create a wide variety of quick movie trailers.

lets make a movie

Our buddy class have been making them in their class and when Mrs. Marshall showed them to me I was hooked!

movie trailer

We got together in small groups  today and the students made movie trailers about friendship!

working kids

Then Mrs. Marshall and I made movie trailers about our students making movie trailers!  It was TOO MUCH FUN!   Now I have to figure out a way to share them with you!


These images are only screen shots from the trailer!  They really don’t show you how cool they are!  They have great music too!

The trailer templates let them put in photos and videos!  The finished product really does look like a real movie trailer! We will try to share some of the trailers at our open house we are having next week to showcase all our projects!  I will definitely have to find a way to share them with you!

The app is just under five dollars.  I have downloaded it to my iPad already!  I think it would be awesome to use this app at home and use it to keep track of special family times!  I wish we had found out about it sooner! They are definitely something we want to do again!

We only have two weeks left with the iPads!  Boy, I wish we could keep them!


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100 Day Fun!


Yesterday we celebrated 100 Days of School!  It is one of my favourite days because it is fun to see how much they have learned in 100 days!  The first thing we did was read 100 stories together!  When I told them we were going to read 100 stories they were a little surprised and didn’t think it was possible.  When I lay out the process they jumped onboard!  The children got together in little groups of two or three students.


They found a story to read from my collections of books and got together in a cosy spot and read the book together.  Then they recorded the title of the story on a post-it and signed their names under the title.  Then, they put the post-it up on the chart.  Working together we read 100 stories in no time at all and the added bonus is that everyone got lots of reading practise too!   We actually read 104 stories!

The children got lots of practise counting to 100.  We counted 100 fruit loops to make a necklace and we counted out 10 different kinds of little snack items to make a 100 item snack!  Yum!  We wrote about 100 too!


Having 100 dinosaurs would definitely be a problem!

base ten

We have been working with place value concepts relating to 100 day and I have managed to put some new links on the WIKI page from the ABC Ya! site.  The children tried them out in the lab and seemed to really enjoy them.  I am sure they would enjoy showing you at home.  The most popular app right now in the class on the iPads is Base Ten Fun!

bingo base ten


100 chart


The 100 Number  Chart game and Base Ten Bingo can be found on the ABC Ya Site.  I have created a link to these games on the WIKI.   Check them out!



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Too Much Number Fun!

IMG_1477We have been working with place value concepts in anticipation of our 100th Day of school!

The children had a great time being the giant hand on the projector creating numbers using the base ten materials.


 The children have also been learning how to create sets of ten using a variety of materials as well as creating sets of 100 on the iPads.  Last week I found a really cool app for place value called Base Ten Fun!  You can find the game on the the ABCYa! Site as well!  It is fun to assign math practise and have the children cheer!  


We have been working hard on our Snowmen projects as well.  The children have been creating books about their snowmen using the My Story app.  I LOVE this  app.  The children have become very proficient at it.  We can import files left, right, and center!  We are looking forward to sharing these projects with you at an Open House day soon!


We have been creating stories about the snowmen.  Here is a sample of what a snowman likes to eat!

2013-02-06 14.06.26

2013-02-06 13.37.38

Here are some more snowmen diagrams created with Doodle Buddy!

2013-02-08 09.26.45

I never get tired of seeing the wonderful illustrations that children are willing to create for me on the iPads!

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Here come the Snowmen! And the Penguins!


The snowman project is my favourite project of the year!  The snowmen are absolutely fantastic!  Thank you for supporting this project with such enthusiasm!


They are all so different and it looks like you had some fun making them! These are just a few of them.  I hope to create a gallery online of all of them!



We are using the snowmen as a jumping off point for some writing we will be doing.  We are  compiling some pages together to make each snowman’s story!

We will be using My Story and Doodle Buddy to create the pages for the books!

markartnee snowman

We have already made the diagram page using Doodle Buddy! I love the detail and the colours!  The children just love drawing using the iPads.


We have also been working on a small mini unit about penguins.  After reading several books about penguins and watching the penguin video on Tumblebooks we working on a penguin research project.



We sorted a set of facts that I have compiled for them into four different groups.  Then the children cut them out and glued them to the appropriate category page.  This is the result!  The children are quite proud of them!

john 100

saige and kynan 100

We are starting to work on place value.  We used the iPads and the app Doodle Buddy to learn about making 100 things.  The children had to make ten sets of ten different stamps using the stamp tool.

beth 100

They had a lot of fun and it was a great way of reinforcing the idea of  ten sets of ten!

We have been learning a lot of different strategies to use to add.  The most recent strategy has been using the number line.  The children have learned to count on from the biggest number with counters and now they are using the number line to count on.  They like that it is much quicker!  I have introduced the app Math Bingo.


It is a great app that allows them to practise their number facts in a fun way.  So far, we have only used the addition facts.  However this app lets them practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  So this app could be good for big brother or sister too!  You can also find it on ABCYah!   You can see that they use their number line to help them figure out the answers!  Eventually, they will know them by memory with enough practise!


We have also been working with  some fun new counters playing Add It Up!  Everyone makes a story on their workspace and then they go around and solve their friend’s stories.


Here’s another one of the snowmen!  Aren’t they great!


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