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Too Much Fun with Dinosaurs!

josh dino

Dinosaurs have been crawling all around our classroom!


Can you see the dinosaur crawling on her pants?  That’s the first time I have ever heard “Mrs. Anton! There’s a dinosaur crawling up my leg!”

We have been working with the Adventure mode on the Walking with the Dinosaurs app.  You download a printable target and print it off in colour.  Then you point the iPad at the screen and suddenly there are dinosaurs crawling all around!



You can feed them and they come running!  I wish I could record the student’s faces!  Too much fun for me!


We are going to write about the dinosaur pictures we took last week.

marley dino

I am hoping to get the stories posted to their personal blogs!

elliot dino

Watch for them!

Today we did another science experiment too!  Science is magic!


You pour water out of the pitcher and it “sticks” on the string to the cup!  Everyone got a turn to pour the water and catch the water!  That’s why everyone got a piece of string in their planner.  You get to try it too!

I used a little pitcher that I had from a child’s set of dishes.  You could use a creamer… Make sure you do this over a sink or have lots of paper towels handy!


Don’t get too wet!


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Big Dinosaur AR Fun!

ryleigh dino

We had some fun today with a new iPad app I found called Walking with Dinosaurs!  It is another Augmented Reality app that is amazing!  We played with the Photo Booth aspect today.  The app allows you to pick from a variety of dinosaurs, orient them on a screen and then take pictures with the dinosaur!  We had some fun by posing and acting out a variety of situations.

nic dino

We held them in our hands!

danielle dino

And we gave them a pet!

russell dino

We even pretended we were a little bit scared!

nathan dino

garrett dino

And super brave!

We are planning to write stories to go with our pictures!  

anton dino

We took pictures of everyone with the dinosaurs.  Watch for them over the next few days!  It looks like our class has been invaded by prehistoric dinosaurs!

You can also choose the Adventure Mode. It uses augmented reality and suddenly you have dinosaurs walking around.  You can even feed them and they come running over to eat! Very cool!  So far, I have only downloaded the free app but I think this one deserves an upgrade!

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Dancing Fun!

We have been dancing in our gym classes for a while now!  Last year I found a great site that has compiled a group of dance videos created by the Just Dance group.  We started dancing to them in gym last year for exercise.  Too much fun!  Here are a few of our favourites!

You can find the rest of the videos on our class WIKI site.  You will find that page at the top of this blog!  It is called Mrs. Anton’s WIIKI page   I have Dance Mix, Dance Mix Two and the Disney Dance Mix linked  on that site. A big thank you to Kinderchat for creating these Symbaloo Mixes.

The Symbaloo mixes are created using SafeShare which makes sure that only the videos are accessible to the children.  The links on the WIKI use the SafeShare site.

I have also introduced the children to the Sesame Street Symbaloo Mix.  We especially love the Cookie Monster one called Share it Maybe!  Mr. Brick told me about this one!  I love the ending where the Cookie Monster shares his last cookie!

I will put a link up on the WIKI for the Sesame Street Symbaloo Mix soon!


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Dinosaurs AR Style!


This week we have started a new theme about dinosaurs!  Today, we had fun with some more Augmented Reality cards for some of the more popular dinosaurs.


Mr. Brick even got to try it out.  These cards came as part of the package I downloaded from the AR Flashcards app. You print off the cards with a color printer.  These particular cards came with the AR flashcards for the alphabet that we blogged about a few weeks ago!  Once you have the cards all you have to do is activate the app and then hold the iPad over the picture.  Magic happens!  A 3 D image of the dinosaur appears!


If you tap the screen, a child’s voice says the name of the dinosaur.  I thought you had to hold it over only one card at at time but the children discovered that they could get all the dinosaurs at once by putting the cards closer together!

IMG_2357It is really cool!

We also did our first research report.  I compiled a small set of dinosaur facts about apatosaurus.  We read the facts together and then we sorted the facts into four different categories.  Our categories were What They Look Like, What They Eat, About the Babies, and Cool Facts.  There were a lot of cool facts!


You can find them in the hallway!  Take a look!






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Adding up the Fun!


We have had lots of fun learning last week!

We started off with our buddies working on our Five Little Pumpkin books!


Our buddies helped us make the fancy pop up covers!  Then they helped us read the book!


We also made a Five Little Pumpkins snack with them!  That’s the same as ants on a log but we used carrot rounds to pretend they were pumpkins instead!


We had an absolutely great day on our field trip to Brannen Lake for our hayride.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Thank you to everyone who was able to help us!

More about that trip later this week!  Watch for it!  

We had a great day on Halloween!  We had fun making a variety of crafts in the morning!


We made five little pumpkin puppets!



We made some mummy cans.  We learned how to make them do a special trick to make them sound like Dracula.  I hope everyone remembered their promise!  They promised to stop making their cans make the funny noise when they Moms told them too!  Hope you are all still talking to me!



We had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday doing centers with the other Grade One and Kindergarten students.  Thank you to everyone that came to help!

We had a great time looking at all the doors in the annual Halloween Door decorating contest!  This is our door!



We also make this funky Halloween quilt using squares and triangles!


We ended up our week working on addition stories.




And we worked some more with the Augmented Reality apps!





It all added up to a lot of learning fun!

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