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More Fun with Augmented Reality Dinosaur Movies!

Here are a few more of our dinosaur books!  I am very impressed with these books as the children used a few different apps to create them.  They were actually “app-smashing”!  When you use a variety of different apps to create your projects and put them together to create something entirely new it is called app smashing!

They took the pictures they created using the Walking with Dinosaurs app and imported them into the My Story app.   This is a multi-step process!  First, they have to take the picture in Walking with Dinosaurs which involved choosing their dinosaur, resizing it to fit the picture, choosing what they wanted their dinosaur to do and then taking the picture!

Then they had to save it to the camera roll, open My Story, choose to import a picture, find their picture in the camera roll, import it into the page, re-size the picture to fit the page, and then add the text to match the picture.   Then they repeated the steps for four more pages!

Then they added text and recorded their voices reading their stories!

Very proud of my Grade Ones!

After they were finished I saved their story as a movie and uploaded it to Youtube.

Then I loaded the URRL code into this blog post and voila!  Augmented reality dinosaur stories!  Enjoy!

More stories coming your way soon!



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Big Dinosaur AR Fun!

ryleigh dino

We had some fun today with a new iPad app I found called Walking with Dinosaurs!  It is another Augmented Reality app that is amazing!  We played with the Photo Booth aspect today.  The app allows you to pick from a variety of dinosaurs, orient them on a screen and then take pictures with the dinosaur!  We had some fun by posing and acting out a variety of situations.

nic dino

We held them in our hands!

danielle dino

And we gave them a pet!

russell dino

We even pretended we were a little bit scared!

nathan dino

garrett dino

And super brave!

We are planning to write stories to go with our pictures!  

anton dino

We took pictures of everyone with the dinosaurs.  Watch for them over the next few days!  It looks like our class has been invaded by prehistoric dinosaurs!

You can also choose the Adventure Mode. It uses augmented reality and suddenly you have dinosaurs walking around.  You can even feed them and they come running over to eat! Very cool!  So far, I have only downloaded the free app but I think this one deserves an upgrade!

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