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Word Work Fun!


We have been having fun creating sentences using our word banks.  The children work together or by themselves to create sentences using the words in their word banks.


We have been challenging ourselves to make longer sentences!


They love to work with partners to create sentences.  Then we do a sharing session where the children move around the room to read each other’s sentences!



The children were very clever and figured out how to make their sentences really long by adding a connecting word like “and”!  They grabbed a scrap piece of paper and wrote the word “and” on a piece of paper and added it to their sentence all by themselves!  Then they made a really long sentence.


The children have been having fun creating words using linking cubes and magnetic letters during word work time.



They love to use the app on the iPads called Word Bingo to practice their Dolch words!  Really fun app!  You can also find it on the ABC Yah web site.


I love listening to them read their words and the sentences they create!  Too much fun!




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Hello world!


Welcome to our class!  We hope that you find the pages and information useful! We are playing around with technology and learning as we go along.

We are getting really excited about the iPads that are coming to our classroom this week.  I have been bringing my own personal one to school and having the children use it for a variety of  projects.  The children really love it and have NO FEAR!  They just jump in!  I have had them experiment with StoryBuddy and Sight Word Bingo.  Both are big hits.

StoryBuddy lets them draw a picture and write a simple sentence to go with their illustration.  I then take a picture with the iPad and add it to the next page.  I love the vivid colours and the details that the children have added.  They seem very willing to take the time to do a Big Bright and Beautiful picture (the Three B’s of picture making) using the iPad.

Sight Word Bingo is an app I loaded that allows the student to practise the list that they are working on with a variety of games.  Two children play together.  They are doing a really good job taking turns!!

Even one iPad really helps so I am really pumped to see what 15 iPads will produce!


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