Student Blogs!

This is the page with the link to our classroom student blogs! The children in our class will each have their own student blogs.  These blogs can only be accessed with a password.  Comments on the blogs are also monitored before they can be posted.

We hope you enjoy watching our journey in writing! We are just beginning to write and hope you will be patient with our efforts and encourage us on our journey!

Kid Blog Grade One 2016-17

Here are some of the rules for blogging that we will observe in our class.

The students will only be identified by their first name.
Blogs are protected by a password. Please ask your child for the password.
Before posting photographs of students, parental permission must be on file at the school.

All posts written by the students will be checked by Mrs. Anton before they are published on the blog.
Any comments submitted will have to be approved by Mrs. Anton before they are published in the blog.

Parents who comment on the blog are asked to use only their first name so that the identity of the child is not revealed.
Comments should relate to the post and be positive in nature. Please remember that we are beginning our journey as writers and be patient with our efforts.

Please contact me at the school if you have questions or comments about our blog.

This site is a good source of pictures we can safely add to our blog.



Students who still wish to view their blogs from the 2013/14 year can access their blogs at this link!

Welcome to Mrs. Anton’s 2013/14 Class Kid Blog site!


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