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Blogging Fun!


The students are having a great time exploring our new app called Letter School!  Really popular app!


The great thing is that the animations are fabulous. As the children work through several repeats the animations keep changing!  Very cool!


I have added a few new pages to the blog.  We now have our very own gallery of the wonderful snowmen.  If you check at the top of the blog you will find the Snowmen Gallery.


I think I have almost all of them.  The missing ones should be there shortly!  I thought that the snowmen were just awesome and wanted to display all of them.  I hope you approve!


I am also planning to start our spelling tests.  I have created a new page and joined a website called Spelling City.  You should see the page at the top of the blog.

spelling city

If you click on the link on the page it will take you to our class home page on their site.  The first list is posted on the site.  The children can practise the words and there are some games such as word searches that they can do to help them practise.   This is new for me and I am excited about the possibilities for the children to practise their words online!


Please make sure that you check in on the student blog site.  This week our big buddies helped up personalize their sites.  The children got to pick their own template and avatar!  I know they are very proud of them.  You will need to ask them for the password to view the contents of their sites.  We posted a new entry about Twin Day this week.  The Kid Blog site graciously increased our storage space!  We had run out!  We kept trying to post entries with pictures that refused to load until I realized that we had a storage problem.  The people at Kid Blog were very helpful and we are very appreciative!

courtlynd blog

I would like to thank Courtlynd, one of our Grade Four big buddies, for her help with our student blogs on the Kid Blog site!  She has become quite a blogging expert and was an invaluable help to me when we were trying to figure out how to get the permissions set so the children could personalize their blogs!   Nice to know I have an expert to consult with about blogging!



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Elf Antics!



The Elf and Gus have been having a good time in our classroom.  They decorated a little tree and decided to read Christmas stories on Wednesday night.  They left some Christmas confetti to play with too.  We are trying to record what they are up to each day in our little booklets about their adventures.


On Thursday night they went for a ride on Mr. Mugs!

We had a great time making gingerbread houses with our Big Buddies on Friday!  We hope to blog about it in our student blogs this week!  We have downloaded Kid Blog onto the iPads and are learning how to use it.  It is a free app!

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The iPads are Coming Back!

Last year this blog started because of a project we called the iPad project.  We put in a proposal and we were one of the lucky schools that were able to have 15 iPads for about six weeks.  To chronicle our progress this blog was created.  You can take a look at our journey if you look at the older posts.  We had an amazing time and learned a lot.  We created books with the children, and used the iPads in a variety of ways.  I hated to see them go….

So, I applied to have them back!  Mrs. Marshall and I wrote a new proposal and we found out this week that it was accepted and we are getting the iPads back!  I don’t think that either Mrs. Marshall or myself have touched the ground since we found out on Thursday!

One of ways we will to use the iPads is writing our student blogs.  We plan to write and write and write!  Hopefully you have had a chance to view your child’s blog.  The student blogs are only accessible with a password and are closely monitored by Mrs. Marshall and myself.   If your child has forgotten the password just let me know and I will send it to you!

I forgot to mention that we get to have the iPads for an extended period of time.  Three months!!

So, this blog will continue to report on our journey with the iPads, Version 2!

Did I mention that they are coming in December!

Talk about a great Christmas present!


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Reading Buddies, Blogging and Exploding Colors!

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of our latest reading buddies!  When the children have finished their independent assignments they have the opportunity to read.  That morning I had received a new “suitcase” of books that the children were exploring.  We had to go to the computer lab and when we came back I saw that they had left their “reading buddies” with their noses in a book!  Too cute!

At the computer lab, the children have been exploring some of the new links I have added to the WIKI this week.  I have added a few Christmas links and a link for the I Spy series.  The Christmas links are from the ABCYa site.  There is a  Math practise site,  decorating a Christmas tree and a Gingerbread House, and a Christmas word search.  Love those word searches!   Check it out!

Today we explored surface tension again with our experiment called Exploding Colors.  This is another Dr. Zed experiment that I found many years ago!  All you need is some milk, a drop of red, blue, and yellow food colouring, a toothpick, and some dish soap.  Pour the milk onto a shallow plate.  Add the three drops of food colouring.  Then use the bigger end of the toothpick and dip it into a little bit of dish soap.  I usually put out a little plate of dish soap.  Dip the toothpick  into the milk and watch the fun!

Today we blogged on our student blogs with our big buddy class.  We wrote about our last big buddy day!  Check it out!

It is amazing how quickly the children have learned how to navigate the various directories to insert their pictures!  There are quite a few steps that they have to remember and then they also have to learn how to adjust the picture so that it comes up in the correct position.  We are super impressed!  Right now the buddies are scribing for us but soon we will begin writing our own entries!

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Fun with Fall!

We had a lovely time creating little vocabulary books about Fall this week.  It is amazing how much excitement can be generated by sparkly foam stickers!  On one of my many visits to our local craft store I managed to find fall sparkly stickers on sale at a significant saving.  I thought that the children might enjoy using them to decorate a little fall vocabulary booklet I was planning for them!  Well… that was an understatement!  They were quite happy to pose for pictures!  As I don’t have everyone’s permission yet to post everyone’s pictures I will have to save those pictures to a later date. But  I do have pictures of their products!

I love this one!  He decided to add the title to his all on his own!  Wish I’d thought of that!

We also met with our buddies this week and they helped us add another entry to our student blog sites.  I hope you will take a moment and check them out.  Just drop me a note if your child has forgotten the password.  I will pass it along again!

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