Fun with Fall!

We had a lovely time creating little vocabulary books about Fall this week.  It is amazing how much excitement can be generated by sparkly foam stickers!  On one of my many visits to our local craft store I managed to find fall sparkly stickers on sale at a significant saving.  I thought that the children might enjoy using them to decorate a little fall vocabulary booklet I was planning for them!  Well… that was an understatement!  They were quite happy to pose for pictures!  As I don’t have everyone’s permission yet to post everyone’s pictures I will have to save those pictures to a later date. But  I do have pictures of their products!

I love this one!  He decided to add the title to his all on his own!  Wish I’d thought of that!

We also met with our buddies this week and they helped us add another entry to our student blog sites.  I hope you will take a moment and check them out.  Just drop me a note if your child has forgotten the password.  I will pass it along again!


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