100 Day Activities!

Today was our 100th Day of School!  It was a very busy day!  Each child got a necklace that said “I Survived 100 Days of School” to wear today!  We did a lot of things centered around 100.  As a group we read over 100 stories.  The children partnered up and read stories to each other.  After reading the story they copied the title of the story on a post-it, signed both their names, and then added the post-it to a big chart.  It didn’t take long to get over 100 post-its on the chart!  That’s a lot of reading.  As they were working on the reading, small groups practiced counting to 100 by counting out 100 fruit loops to make a fruit loop necklace.

As today was anti-bullying day, everyone got a pink T-shirt to wear and we went to an awesome anti-bullying assembly!  Very impressive!  We saw some amazing skits, singing, dancing, and presentations.  Lots to think about…

When we got back from the assembly  the children took their 100 collections that they had brought from home and put them on a 100 grid.  We took pictures of all the collections.  Because the desks were full of our collections we had our lunches as a picnic on the carpet!  Then we continued to work on 100 by counting to 100 and doing a 100 dot to dot.

We used the iPads today  to show 100.  We used the Doodle Buddy app.  The children used the stamp tool to make 10 sets of 10 stamps.  We got some really cool collections of stamps!

We also made a 100 “trail mix”.  The children counted out 10 of 10 different food items for 100 things to eat.  We put them on the grid to make sure we had 100 and then we got to eat 100 things!

And then we sang Happy 100 Day to Us and had some cake!  Yum, yum!


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