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Making A Story using Pictello

Today we started working on a really cool project that I am really excited about!    We are using an app called Pictello.  It is an app that allows you to put pictures with a story and then record your narration yourself.  We started with taking pictures using the iPads of the wonderful snowmen that each of the children made as a family project.  Then each child completed a story about their snowmen.  Then the next step was to have them read and record their story on the iPad.  After a few hiccups we got a three page story that is really special!  We managed to complete one of them today! When you open the book on the iPad, you press the play button and get to listen to the writer narrate their own story!  Too cool!  So we will work hard the next few days to complete the stories!  Hopefully, we can arrange for you to see and hear them in the next few weeks.



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