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Reading and Writing on our iPads

On Friday we continued our exploration of the iPads.  We started with a chance to practise our Dolch words using the Sight Word Bingo app again.  I have to admit that it was really fun to see a student pump the air with happiness when he got a Bingo!  It is a really neat app because I can encourage the children to practise the Dolch word list tailored to their current individual needs! 

Later on in the day we worked with an app called I Like Books.  It has a lot of books on a variety of topics.  After introducing the app I let the children choose and explore to find the story they wanted to read.  They can choose to read the story themselves, have it read to them as they “turn the pages ” or let the app read and turn the pages for them.  Once again, nice to see students choosing books that appealed to their particular interest.  

To complete our exploration for the day, we worked with Story Buddy again. On the second visit, it became clear that the children were getting quite comfortable with this app.  The children drew pictures and then using the text function they were able to add a comment to their picture using a sentence frame copied from the board.  I love that the children are producing such vivid illustrations with lots of detail and it is fun to hear them talk about adding “text”.  



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