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Christmas Tree Fun!

danielle tree

We have been having fun using the Doodle Buddy app to draw Christmas trees.  This is a fun app to use!  The children are using the drawing tools, the stamp tools, and learning to use the text tool to add their names.  We have been saving our pictures to the camera roll and we are planning to import them into another app to create a Christmas tree book!

danica tree

garrett tree

These are just a few of the trees the students have created!  They love to draw on the iPad and everyone is eagerly waiting for their turn!

caprice tree

We also made a Count up Christmas tree book today in between decorating gingerbread houses with our Big Buddies!



They had fun adding the funky cover to their booklets!



We have been having fun with our Christmas homework!  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this cool gingerbread house that came this week! See the light inside?  I wish I had remembered to take pictures of all the other great things that came!  We have had some really cool stuff!  Angels, dancing gingerbread men, trains, stuffies, chocolates, books, and special ornaments to name just a few!  It is so interesting to hear how everyone celebrates the holidays!


And then we made real gingerbread houses today!



Don’t they look great! Too yummy!  I have to admit that I asked to taste some of the Chocolate Kisses!!  Hope all the houses made it home in one piece!


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Adding up the Fun!


We have had lots of fun learning last week!

We started off with our buddies working on our Five Little Pumpkin books!


Our buddies helped us make the fancy pop up covers!  Then they helped us read the book!


We also made a Five Little Pumpkins snack with them!  That’s the same as ants on a log but we used carrot rounds to pretend they were pumpkins instead!


We had an absolutely great day on our field trip to Brannen Lake for our hayride.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Thank you to everyone who was able to help us!

More about that trip later this week!  Watch for it!  

We had a great day on Halloween!  We had fun making a variety of crafts in the morning!


We made five little pumpkin puppets!



We made some mummy cans.  We learned how to make them do a special trick to make them sound like Dracula.  I hope everyone remembered their promise!  They promised to stop making their cans make the funny noise when they Moms told them too!  Hope you are all still talking to me!



We had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday doing centers with the other Grade One and Kindergarten students.  Thank you to everyone that came to help!

We had a great time looking at all the doors in the annual Halloween Door decorating contest!  This is our door!



We also make this funky Halloween quilt using squares and triangles!


We ended up our week working on addition stories.




And we worked some more with the Augmented Reality apps!





It all added up to a lot of learning fun!

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Fall Fun!

IMG_2157We have been working on colour words and learning about fall.  One of the stories in one of our books has a story about hiding in the leaves.  I found some awesome leaf stamps a few years ago and we used them to make these neat leaf piles and practise our colour words at the same time!  Can you see the little face hiding in the leaf pile?



We made these turkey magnets with our Big Buddies!  You can tell they are turkeys, right?



I love these flowers made with pattern blocks.


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Something to Tweet About!


A week ago we made a twitter board with our buddy class!  They had created a twitter bulletin board with “tweets” about something they wanted to share!  Really interesting to read and find out about what’s important to them right now!  So they showed us how to do it!


The children are writing on their own personal strip each week and sharing something important to them!  An upscale “show and tell”!  The bulletin board “twitter board” lets each child share their important moments.


I have been researching class twitter boards and decided to take the plunge this week!  We now have our own Twitter account.  It is a protected account.  That means that to post to the account I must approve the comment.  That protects us from posts that are not appropriate.  The blog posts are also posted on the Twitter account!


We tweeted to Chris Hadfield to let him know that we enjoyed his videos about life on the space station.  We also tweeted to another class that has a Twitter account.  There are some really neat uses of Twitter that we will be exploring in the future.

ella frog

The children are continuing to create their  frog life cycle pages on the iPad using the images that I have downloaded for them and Strip Designer.  When they are complete I will figure out some way to share them with you!  Here is another sample that is complete!  Love the Hello and Boing!


We did a research project on frogs this week!  The children had to sort facts about frogs into four different categories.  We read them and decided which category fit the best.  I was so proud of their reading.  Some of the words were hard!


They did a great job!  We are collating all our frog stuff into a frog folder!


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Fearless Techies! Too Much Fun!


The one thing I have noticed is that children are fearless when it come to technology!  They jump right in and try anything!

Today we made movie trailers!  We teamed up with our big buddies and worked on movie trailers using the IMovie app.  This app is awesome!   It has a variety of templates that the students can use  to create a wide variety of quick movie trailers.

lets make a movie

Our buddy class have been making them in their class and when Mrs. Marshall showed them to me I was hooked!

movie trailer

We got together in small groups  today and the students made movie trailers about friendship!

working kids

Then Mrs. Marshall and I made movie trailers about our students making movie trailers!  It was TOO MUCH FUN!   Now I have to figure out a way to share them with you!


These images are only screen shots from the trailer!  They really don’t show you how cool they are!  They have great music too!

The trailer templates let them put in photos and videos!  The finished product really does look like a real movie trailer! We will try to share some of the trailers at our open house we are having next week to showcase all our projects!  I will definitely have to find a way to share them with you!

The app is just under five dollars.  I have downloaded it to my iPad already!  I think it would be awesome to use this app at home and use it to keep track of special family times!  I wish we had found out about it sooner! They are definitely something we want to do again!

We only have two weeks left with the iPads!  Boy, I wish we could keep them!

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Elf Antics!



The Elf and Gus have been having a good time in our classroom.  They decorated a little tree and decided to read Christmas stories on Wednesday night.  They left some Christmas confetti to play with too.  We are trying to record what they are up to each day in our little booklets about their adventures.


On Thursday night they went for a ride on Mr. Mugs!

We had a great time making gingerbread houses with our Big Buddies on Friday!  We hope to blog about it in our student blogs this week!  We have downloaded Kid Blog onto the iPads and are learning how to use it.  It is a free app!

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Munsch Munch!

On Friday for buddies we met in our big buddies class for Munsch Munch!  Our big buddies had prepared a special treat for us!  They have been reading Robert Munsch stories and practising them to read to their little buddies.  They were working on making the stories come alive for their little buddies!  It was awesome!

There are a lot of favourite Robert Munsch stories and I am sure that the little buddies all got to hear at least one of their favourites!  In addition to the special treat of listening to these stories come alive, the children got another special treat!  Something to munch!

Our big buddies had all brought in fruit to share and make into fruit kabobs!  Totally yummy!

Even Mrs. Anton, Mrs. Marshall, and Mr. Brick has some!

Thanks for sharing!! TOTALLY YUMMY!

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