Munsch Munch!

On Friday for buddies we met in our big buddies class for Munsch Munch!  Our big buddies had prepared a special treat for us!  They have been reading Robert Munsch stories and practising them to read to their little buddies.  They were working on making the stories come alive for their little buddies!  It was awesome!

There are a lot of favourite Robert Munsch stories and I am sure that the little buddies all got to hear at least one of their favourites!  In addition to the special treat of listening to these stories come alive, the children got another special treat!  Something to munch!

Our big buddies had all brought in fruit to share and make into fruit kabobs!  Totally yummy!

Even Mrs. Anton, Mrs. Marshall, and Mr. Brick has some!

Thanks for sharing!! TOTALLY YUMMY!


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