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Science and Dancing Fun?


Today was the last day in session this year and so to celebrate we did our favourite subject….


We did one new experiment and then repeated two of our favourite old ones.

There are two things that I have always wanted to do but have been successful at yet…

I can’t whistle very well (actually, I can’t whistle at all) and I haven’t been able to blow up a balloon.

But I do know how to get science to blow up a balloon!


I do love experiments that use vinegar and baking soda!  Good old kitchen ingredients!

The instructions are in your child’s science duotang.  One rainy day this summer when you are looking for some fun give it a try!

We also repeated the Don’t Spill experiment.   It is fun to watch their faces when the piece of paper holds up the water in the upside down cup for a while.  I think the record this morning was just a little over half an hour before the paper fell down and the water splashed out!


We also did the experiment we call High and Dry!  We put some kleenex in the bottom of a cup, turn the cup over and put it in a tub of water.   The kleenex stays dry.  Do you know why?



I promised that I would post the links for Dance Mix Two.  We have had a great time dancing to some of the songs on this mix. We haven’t done them all yet!

dance mix 2

I have also add the Disney Dance Mix.  We haven’t had a chance to do any of these yet!

You can find the links on our class WIKI page.

I am trying to figure out which one is my favourite…. What’s yours?

I would like to thank  Kinderchat for compiling all these great dance videos.  Aren’t they great?

So when the weather is not so nice this summer you have two things you can do!  Check out the science experiments and DANCE!

Have a great summer!



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Too Much Fun with the iPads – Looking Back At Our Journey!


We have had a great time this year working and learning with the iPads.  Here are just a few of the highlights of our journey!

We used them to create stories.

beth my story

And poems,

owen christmas


gordon mar comic

And comics!

c alphabet

And alphabet books!

ella frog

frog john

And life cycle studies!

boyd bug

And mind maps!


And math books!

beth 100

And 100 collections for 100 day!


And movie trailers!


And labeling a diagram!


markartnee story

And some amazing illustrations!

We learned a lot! Thank you for sharing our journey with us and supporting our efforts!  We really appreciated your help and encouragement!  Too much fun!

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More Fishy Fun!


We are continuing to work on our mini ocean unit.  Take a look at the fish we made using our hand prints!  It was a little ticklish painting our hands  but they turned out really well.  We worked with shapes to make the striped fish.  Lots of circles, triangles, rectangles, and so on.  We made two hand print fish.  We used one for our fishy quilt.  The other one we used for this….


We watched the story Swimmy by Leo Lionni!  In the story, Swimmy works with other little fish who are in danger of being eaten by some big fish to create the illusion of an even bigger fish.  Swimmy becomes the eye of the fish and the other little fish form the body of the fish by swimming in formation.  The big fish run away in fright!

We have also been compiling an ocean folder!  We did a research report about whales and found out about a lot of cool facts.  Did you know that the blue whale is even noisier than a jet engine!  We sorted all the facts into four different categories.  There were About the Blue Whale, About the Babies, What They Eat and Cool Facts!



We have been watching  some amazing videos about dolphins, whales and ocean life on the National Geographic Kids site.  We love the one about the dolphins herding their dinner.  Check it out!  It is called Dolphin Dinner.  I have added a link called National Geographic Kids Videos on the WIKI that gets you to the kid’s video site.  Then you can put dolphin dinner in the search section and find the awesome videos.  There are a lot of fun animal videos on that site!


Lots of fishy fun!


It was fun to see Chris Hadfield on the cover of the MacLeans magazine and an article about the Deep Sea Challenge expedition on the cover of the National Geographic magazine last week!  So neat that we had the opportunity to learn about them and then see them on the cover of some magazines!  If you haven’t already seen the cool stuff we learned, check out the blog posts called Wacky Water Fun – Space Age Style! and Deep Sea Fun!

Lots of fun!

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Fun with Fish!


We have started our unit about the ocean.  Yesterday, we made ocean count-up books!  I found some really neat stickers to use as a jumping off point.  The children had to create a count-up book using words that described the action of the ocean creatures!



They did a great job!  We had treasure chest, coral reefs, big and little waves, and some wonderful describing words!

I found a cute little ipad book app called Over in the Ocean in a Coral Reef by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Jeanette Canyon to introduce our new unit!


We decided to listen to the song version.  It also has a non-fiction section with facts about each of the ocean creatures in the story.  Beautiful illustrations made with clay!  The words are highlighted as they are read and there are some fun animations.  The class really enjoyed finding all the ocean creature babies!


The children did a great job creating designs for the covers of their fishy books!


I have added the Just Dance Video Mix videos to our WIKI page!  I found the mix on the MattbGomez site and it was compiled by Michelle Heibert.  The mix is awesome and we use it all the time!

I will add few others to the page soon! Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as we do!  

Just dance kinder chat

Just go to our class WIKI page at the top of this blog and click on the link that says Dance Mix!

I can’t decide which dance I like the best…. Which one is your favourite?

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