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Space Fun! AR Style!

space 3

We had some fun with this new app this week!  It is called AR Flashcards Space.  These cards are from the same company that made the Alphabet AR Flashcards.  They are very cool!  You need to print off the cards in color and then hold the device over the picture and the augmented reality image appears!

space 1

We have started a new theme about Space.  So these cards are a fun place to start!

We  also watched some of the videos Chris Hadfield made while he was at the Space Station!  They are awesome!  Ever wonder how astronauts sleep in space?  Take a look!

My favorite is this one because I love chocolate cake!

We have been working with the Doodle Buddy app to work on some math concepts and story writing activities.


100 col 3

The children have been creating 100 stamp collections using the stamps.  They had to choose 10 different stamps and create 10 sets of 10!

100 col 1We also used the app to create one of the pages for our snowman books.

snowman plate 1

I finally broke down and bought the extra pages for the CoLAR app.  Very glad I did!


This little guy is really cute!  The children have to color him front and back and add his face details!  It is amazing to see him pop up looking just like the drawing the children have just done!

IMG_2785We had a lot going on this week!  We also had our first Skype call to the classroom!  Will tell you more about that soon!  Lots of fun!


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More Fishy Fun!


We are continuing to work on our mini ocean unit.  Take a look at the fish we made using our hand prints!  It was a little ticklish painting our hands  but they turned out really well.  We worked with shapes to make the striped fish.  Lots of circles, triangles, rectangles, and so on.  We made two hand print fish.  We used one for our fishy quilt.  The other one we used for this….


We watched the story Swimmy by Leo Lionni!  In the story, Swimmy works with other little fish who are in danger of being eaten by some big fish to create the illusion of an even bigger fish.  Swimmy becomes the eye of the fish and the other little fish form the body of the fish by swimming in formation.  The big fish run away in fright!

We have also been compiling an ocean folder!  We did a research report about whales and found out about a lot of cool facts.  Did you know that the blue whale is even noisier than a jet engine!  We sorted all the facts into four different categories.  There were About the Blue Whale, About the Babies, What They Eat and Cool Facts!



We have been watching  some amazing videos about dolphins, whales and ocean life on the National Geographic Kids site.  We love the one about the dolphins herding their dinner.  Check it out!  It is called Dolphin Dinner.  I have added a link called National Geographic Kids Videos on the WIKI that gets you to the kid’s video site.  Then you can put dolphin dinner in the search section and find the awesome videos.  There are a lot of fun animal videos on that site!


Lots of fishy fun!


It was fun to see Chris Hadfield on the cover of the MacLeans magazine and an article about the Deep Sea Challenge expedition on the cover of the National Geographic magazine last week!  So neat that we had the opportunity to learn about them and then see them on the cover of some magazines!  If you haven’t already seen the cool stuff we learned, check out the blog posts called Wacky Water Fun – Space Age Style! and Deep Sea Fun!

Lots of fun!

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Deep Sea Fun!

Today we learned about a very special submersible!  Lars’ Dad, Mr. Bulman came in to show us some cool pictures of the submersible that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench That’s the deepest part of the ocean which is seven miles deep!   This is the submersible piloted by James Cameron in the DeepSea Challenge project.   Mr. Bulman told us all about how the submersible was built!  Very cool!

Lars’ Dad worked on the communication systems on the submersible.  We learned about how hard it was to communicate with the sub because it went down so deep!  We counted to see how long it would take before we would be able to hear what Mr. Cameron said and how long it would take for him to hear us back if we were listening to the conversation!  Mr. Bulman told us about the sound waves and how they used them to keep track of the submersible.

It was really interesting to see how the submersible was built and how hard everyone worked to built it.  The children were very impressed with the fact that the team worked 18 hour days at times and sometimes even longer than that! We learned about how small the space was that Mr. Cameron had to sit in and tried to imagine what that would be like! Lars’ Mom helped us understand about how much pressure was on the outside of the submersible pushing in!  We learned a lot!  Later, during eat and read time we watched some videos about the project.  Take a look!

Last week we were learning about Chris Hadfield and the International Space Station and this week we are learning about the wonders of the deep ocean!  Too cool!

Take a look at the work one student brought to me about Chris Hadield.  She had her mom scribe for her and wrote down all the neat things she had learned about Chris Hadfield and even downloaded some pictures to share!  I am sure that Chris Hadfield would be impressed if he could see it!


Too cool!

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Wacky Water Fun! Space Age Style!

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat dessert in space with zero gravity! Take a look!

Today was very special because we got to watch Chris Hadfield, our astronaut at the International Space Station sing in real time!  We tried to watch the live link from the Space Station but we experienced some technical difficulties.  So we got bits and pieces at a time but it was still live!  Imagine that!  Really cool to watch and realize that Commander Hadfield was singing with thousands of children in a live concert from space!  We ended up watching the cool videos he has been creating about his experiments in space.  One of the really cool ones was about that happens to water in space.  Take a look!

So in science today we did an experiment about surface tension and water too!

Take a look! I bet you were wondering about the string that got sent home today!


Now you can try!  It’s hard to believe that the water stays on the string, isn’t it!  Now imagine how cool the water behaves at the space station!  

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