Deep Sea Fun!

Today we learned about a very special submersible!  Lars’ Dad, Mr. Bulman came in to show us some cool pictures of the submersible that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench That’s the deepest part of the ocean which is seven miles deep!   This is the submersible piloted by James Cameron in the DeepSea Challenge project.   Mr. Bulman told us all about how the submersible was built!  Very cool!

Lars’ Dad worked on the communication systems on the submersible.  We learned about how hard it was to communicate with the sub because it went down so deep!  We counted to see how long it would take before we would be able to hear what Mr. Cameron said and how long it would take for him to hear us back if we were listening to the conversation!  Mr. Bulman told us about the sound waves and how they used them to keep track of the submersible.

It was really interesting to see how the submersible was built and how hard everyone worked to built it.  The children were very impressed with the fact that the team worked 18 hour days at times and sometimes even longer than that! We learned about how small the space was that Mr. Cameron had to sit in and tried to imagine what that would be like! Lars’ Mom helped us understand about how much pressure was on the outside of the submersible pushing in!  We learned a lot!  Later, during eat and read time we watched some videos about the project.  Take a look!

Last week we were learning about Chris Hadfield and the International Space Station and this week we are learning about the wonders of the deep ocean!  Too cool!

Take a look at the work one student brought to me about Chris Hadield.  She had her mom scribe for her and wrote down all the neat things she had learned about Chris Hadfield and even downloaded some pictures to share!  I am sure that Chris Hadfield would be impressed if he could see it!


Too cool!


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