Book Time!



Today we continued to put our books together!  Luckily we had a lot of help!  My daughter came in again to help with the recording.  We also had a lovely surprise visit from Mrs. Beleznay who coordinates the iPad Project Success project!  She offered to help too!  So for about an hour, the three of us took each child one at a time to help them record their stories on the ipad in the Pictello app. We managed to get almost all of the projects completed!  I am very grateful for all the help!  The next big job will be uploading the books to the Pictello server so that we can save them and email them out to parents who wish to have a copy of this book in either Pictello book format or as a PDF file.  We are hoping to share our books with parents on Friday, March 9th.  They are not very long but they represent a wealth of learning.  Learning how to create digital books, using different tools in a paint program, learning how to add text and text boxes are just a few of the strategies we have worked with over the last few weeks to make the pages for our books! 

I have included some more of the samples of snowmen that families created as well as the snowmen labelling pictures the children did.  I have to admit that I loved that project!




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  1. Fantastic post again! Congrats on everything coming together and good luck with the big visit on Monday.

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