Putting together our Books!

Today we started putting together our Pictello books.  I gave the children a quick demonstration on how to use the app to make a book.  Then we worked through the outline I gave them.  This is a big project for little people.  Luckily we had a bit of help!  Mrs. Turner, our class volunteer was here today and my daughter came in to help too!  The children got started and with a few bumps and hiccups we got some of the books started.  The children had to open the book file and on each page import a picture and then add some text in the appropriate boxes to go with each picture.  They had to import the picture from the camera roll on the iPad which meant finding it on the camera roll and then selecting it to add to that page.  Adding text is not easy either!  Trying to figure out how to get those capitals and periods is a bit trying.  The children continued on in the afternoon with help from each other.  As you can see from the pictures they are very focussed on their jobs and helping each other.  I had to do some editing, but by and large I am happy with the result.  We will continue to work on the remaining books tomorrow and on Wednesday. 


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