Travelling iPads! Fun!

On Friday morning, the iPads went travelling.  The iPads travelled to several primary classes and were a big hit with everyone!  We introduced a variety of apps to each class and let them explore.  Needless to say, the students appeared to really enjoy them and were fearless!  Each class worked with Doodle Buddy and tried out the vareity of drawing tools. We also worked a bit with Story Buddy.   We also introduced a new app called Chickionary.  This app is a word building app.  You are given a variety of letters and given a limited amount of time to create as many words as you can with using the letters.  I was really impressed at how focussed the students were trying to find as many words as possible before their time was up.  Several classes used this app.  We also introduced our favourites, Word Bingo, Math Bingo, and Montesorri Words.  The beauty of these apps is that they can be adapted to the skill level of the student.  

Over the next few days the iPads will be travelling around the school.  They have a very full schedule! 

In the afternoon, we worked with our buddy class using the camera and the puzzlemaker app.  Mrs. Baird told me about this app.  She had her students take their picture, import this picture into the puzzlemaker app and then do a puzzle of their picture.  I thought it was a great idea and we did the same thing with our buddies.  The buddies took a picture together and then had fun playing with a puzzle of themselves! 

This coming week we are blitzing our books!  We have to put them together and narrate them!  Lots of work! 

The iPads are leaving up on March 9th.  We are going to miss them!  They are a great student friendly and teacher friendly teaching tool!!


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