Reading and Making Books

Today we started putting together all the pieces of our snowman book in Pictello.  We have created four pages for our books so far.  It takes a bit of time but I really feel that the product will be worth it.  The children who started their books today certainly seemed willing to put in the effort.  They worked steadily and were really attentive.  The rest of the class worked quietly on their assignments while a few students put together their books.  They were especially quiet whenever the writers were recording their stories.  Very professional, don’t you think? 

Pictello allows you to send a copy of the books created to their server.  If you have an iPad with the Pictello app loaded on it you can download the story and keep it forever.  It also allows the book to be sent as a PDF file. This version is simply the pictures without the accompanying text or recordings.  Either way, we can arrange to keep some sort of copy of their efforts before the iPads leave if all goes well.  I have been able to send a copy of one book to myself as well as the PDF files so I hope that I can do it with all the student books.

Today at storytime, we enjoyed The Monster at the End of this Book.  It is a book app that I downloaded on my personal iPad and shared with the class today using our computer on wheels projector and the iPad combination.  It is a really cool app that tells this funny story in a fun way! 


You can’t help smiling at this story.  We read it twice and each time we had a good giggle at the end.


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