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Yesterday, Mr. Ball and I introduced the iPads to our staff on our professional development day.  We worked through a variety of apps and learned a lot of new things.  Over the next few weeks, the iPads will be visiting other classrooms so that the other students in the school can get a taste of this wonderful technology!  

Today we worked on our snowman project again.  We worked with Story Buddy to create the author’s bio page.  We have been working hard in several different apps to create a compilation of pages.  Then the pages will be imported into the Pictello app to create their very own story about their snowmen.  So we made the author’s biography page to put at the back of their book today.  The children drew a picture of themselves and then added a short bio of themselves using a text box on the page.  Adding text in this app can be a little tricky as it is not easy to go back and try to correct misspellings and so on.  We took a photoshot of their work which puts their picture on the camera roll of the iPad.  Items on the camera roll can be imported into other projects.  Over the next few days we will begin to work in small groups to put the books together.  We are looking forward to sharing them with you. 




I think they are pretty good for students who are six years old and almost seven! Look closely at Calvin’s bio.  He told me he was really close to being seven and I could tell that putting six on his story wasn’t going to cut it.  So we figured out how to tell that in his story!


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