Wow! Snowman Labeling Project!

Today we worked with Doodle Buddy again.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this project!  I introduced text boxes to them and I thought it would be a big deal and I was even crazy to attempt it…. Wrong!!  The object of the lesson was to draw a snowman for our snowman book project and label all the parts.  This meant that the children had to open text boxes, move the text box to a spot adjacent to the part of the snowman, and then add the text.  That meant that the children had to open, move, and complete at least six text boxes!  Not a little job!  We brainstormed the parts we felt had to be labeled and I put these words on the whiteboard.  Of course, once they got started they added more detail and needed more words!  We had a big conversation about being patient about waiting for help if they got stuck because there was only one teacher and one aide and so on…. Then I let them loose.  Well of course my jaw dropped down to the floor because they took it all in stride and were moving text boxes and adding text almost immediately.  Within the first little while, I had some student assistants who quite happily went to the aid of their friends and the job was completed!  And the results were even better than I hoped for!  Take a look! 



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