Little Fingers?

Today we worked with a few new apps. Both apps work with word recognition skills.  However, when I first tried to demonstrate the apps I was unsuccessful.  Try as I might I could not get the app to move to the next screen.  So I instructed the children to start working with another app that we had had previous success with while I tried to figure it out.  As the children were working, I asked a small group to see if they could open the app I had been trying to demonstrate.  And guess what!  It opened beautifully!  Then one of the students made this comment which definitely tickled my funny bone! She said:  “Mrs. Anton, maybe you just need little fingers.”  And she was right!  So I asked the student to try to open the app on the iPad I had been using and you guessed it…. No problem! 

One of the apps that Mrs. Anton’s big fingers could not open was Spelling Magic ABC!  The children had no difficulty though and jumped right in!   It has a variety of levels to choose from.  This is the first level. 


The other app we used is called Little Speller Sight Words which gives extra practise with common sight words.  

So little fingers can do amazing things!


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