Too Much Fun with Dinosaurs!

josh dino

Dinosaurs have been crawling all around our classroom!


Can you see the dinosaur crawling on her pants?  That’s the first time I have ever heard “Mrs. Anton! There’s a dinosaur crawling up my leg!”

We have been working with the Adventure mode on the Walking with the Dinosaurs app.  You download a printable target and print it off in colour.  Then you point the iPad at the screen and suddenly there are dinosaurs crawling all around!



You can feed them and they come running!  I wish I could record the student’s faces!  Too much fun for me!


We are going to write about the dinosaur pictures we took last week.

marley dino

I am hoping to get the stories posted to their personal blogs!

elliot dino

Watch for them!

Today we did another science experiment too!  Science is magic!


You pour water out of the pitcher and it “sticks” on the string to the cup!  Everyone got a turn to pour the water and catch the water!  That’s why everyone got a piece of string in their planner.  You get to try it too!

I used a little pitcher that I had from a child’s set of dishes.  You could use a creamer… Make sure you do this over a sink or have lots of paper towels handy!


Don’t get too wet!


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