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Dinosaurs AR Style!


This week we have started a new theme about dinosaurs!  Today, we had fun with some more Augmented Reality cards for some of the more popular dinosaurs.


Mr. Brick even got to try it out.  These cards came as part of the package I downloaded from the AR Flashcards app. You print off the cards with a color printer.  These particular cards came with the AR flashcards for the alphabet that we blogged about a few weeks ago!  Once you have the cards all you have to do is activate the app and then hold the iPad over the picture.  Magic happens!  A 3 D image of the dinosaur appears!


If you tap the screen, a child’s voice says the name of the dinosaur.  I thought you had to hold it over only one card at at time but the children discovered that they could get all the dinosaurs at once by putting the cards closer together!

IMG_2357It is really cool!

We also did our first research report.  I compiled a small set of dinosaur facts about apatosaurus.  We read the facts together and then we sorted the facts into four different categories.  Our categories were What They Look Like, What They Eat, About the Babies, and Cool Facts.  There were a lot of cool facts!


You can find them in the hallway!  Take a look!







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Dinosaur Day!

We have started a mini project on dinosaurs this month.  We started off with our very first research project on Apatosaurus.  We worked on sorting the facts on apatosaurus into four different categories.  Our categories were: what they look like, about the babies, what they eat, and cool facts.  I think the children liked the cool facts category the best!  We were able to watch two great programs on BrainPop Jr. that focussed on fossils and extinction.  Really interesting  programs!

It was a dinosaur day on Friday!  We are making a little booklet about the different dinosaurs and some interesting facts about each one.  We worked on that in the afternoon.  Did you see the Itty Bitty book about Dinosaur riddles?  I like the one about the Sillysaurus the best!

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