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Fun with Pumpkins!


We have been having some fun with a cool augmented reality app called Quiver (used to be known as CoLAR).  I downloaded the trigger image page which is a colouring page found on their website.  I had the children colour the page and then used our smart board to share what happens when you hold an iPad with the app open over the trigger image of the pumpkins.  The pumpkins get up and dance around!  Too much fun!

You can find additional pictures on their website.  You can download the trigger images and experiment!  There are a variety of trigger images to choose from with ranging in subject area.  Some of the images are free.  Some of the images require you to download the images within the app for a small fee.

We hope you enjoyed the little booklet we made to help us practise our Halloween or Fall vocabulary using the words we are trying to practice!  The children had fun making the funky covers!


We have also been practising our new sight vocabulary words using our word bank bags.  The children cut out the words and then try to make up sentences using the words.  You should have received a small ziplock bag with a Halloween or Fall sticker on it with a lot of small pieces of paper with words on them last week.  I hope the children taught you how to play with them!  I took a few pictures of some of the sentences the children have created using these words.  The object of the exercise is to create as many sentences as you can!  We have the children create sentences and then we go around the classroom and try to read each other’s sentences!  Hopefully you have had some fun creating sentences at home.  It is a great way to practise the Dolch words in context!  Please take pictures of the sentences you create at home and with your permission I will post them on our blog!  Just email the pictures to me!


Here are the first sentences emailed to me!  Yeah!



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Halloween Popplet Fun! CoLAR Pumpkin Fun Too!



We have been having some Halloween fun using a new app for us called Popplet!.  The children have been working in partners to create an idea web about Halloween.


I created a folder of Halloween clipart for the students to choose from on my iPad.  Then they created their Popplet by importing the images from the camera roll into their popplets and adding text to the pooplet using the words on the word walls and pocket charts in the classroom.






The children are making them in partners and we will post more of their efforts as soon as they are ready!  I love how fearless they are when it comes to technology!

We have also been having more fun with the CoLAR app and the pumpkin trigger picture.



I incorporated the image into a writing exercise.  We brainstormed some ideas about the dancing pumpkins and the children chose their favorites to add to the story prompt.


After the students wrote down their ideas and colored the pictures we used the iPads to activiate the trigger picture.  Lots of giggles and fun!

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Fun with Augmented Reality!


Over the past few weeks, the children have been experimenting with a variety of augmented reality apps.  The first one I introduced is a favourite of mine called AR Alphabet Flashcards.  I love this app.   When the students hover the iPads over the trigger images, an augmented image of an animal appears as if by magic!  The app is still free.  You need to print off the trigger images on a color printer.  You can find these images at the AR Flashcards website.



The children like to see if they can pick up the animals by putting their hand underneath the image.  If you tap on the screen you can hear a child say the name of the letter and the animal.  Too cute.  We will be using these images later this year to create an augmented reality alphabet book.  You can see the one we created last year here.



This app also includes some dinosaur images!



We have also been doing a little with the CoLAR app.  This is an awesome little app.  I gave the students a special coloring sheet about pumpkins that has an augmented image embedded in the page.  When they hold the iPad over the image within the app the trigger engages and the pumpkins begin to dance around!  It also picks up the exact colors that the student used to color their page.  Lots of fun.



We have also started our science experiments.  I hope the children remembered their promise to do this one over the sink!


A couple of the students had to hold onto their cups for a long time before the force of gravity exerted itself!  Lots of fun!  Wet, too!



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Super Fun! Winning a Contest!


We’ve had some really big news!  Thought this picture captures that feeling nicely!

It was created using the CoLAR app.  It is the one celebrating the Year of the Horse!

A while ago I mentioned that we had received our very first Skype call to our classroom!  That call was from a man named Robert Martellacci from Mind Share Learning.  He was calling to let us know that we were the Western winners in a contest we had entered!   A while back I created a short video about how we use technology in grade one and entered the 6th Annual  Mind Sharing Learning Video Challenge contest.   I thought it would give me a chance to learn how to use some different apps and be a great learning opportunity to help me become more proficient using the various apps.  I never dreamed that we would actually win!


mind share learning win

Needless to say we are very excited!

We won $15,000 worth of new technology for our school to use!   Still pinching myself everyday!  The video we entered showcases the work we have done in grade one using technology.

Mr. Brick posted the link to our video on the school newsletter several times!  I think he is almost as excited as we are!  If you missed it, this is our video!

[youtube http://youtu.be/s3JCTjCN-sw?rel=0&showinfo=0]

Mr. Brick took our picture just after the call to send to Mr. Martellacci  for the press release.



This is the picture that Emily drew in her journal later that morning!  IMG_2788

Too cute!

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Fun with AR and Gingerbread!

gin ar 3

We have been continuing to experiment with Augmented Reality using the Aurasma app.  I have been playing with this app and it’s a lot of fun!

I wanted to find a way to share a movie trailer that we made using the iMovie app about our Gingerbread house building activity we did with our buddy class in December.

gin ar

Using the Aurasma app I was able to link a picture of a gingerbread house to the movie trailer.  By opening the Aurasma app and then opening the link that I sent via email I have been able to share the movie trailer.  We have been using the iPads at school to share this with our class and our buddy class as well.

gin ar 1

It seems like magic!

gin ar 2

We have also been having more fun with the CoLAR app.


I showed the children some more “magic” colouring pages!  In this one the bird appears and starts walking about and eating worms.!


This is the picture of it on the big screen using the iPad and the projector so everyone can see!


This one is a merry-go-round with horses to celebrate the Year of the Horse.  The merry-go-round has sound effects too!



We also discovered that if you touch the rockets on the Fireworks picture for the Happy New Year picture that they shoot off and fireworks appears!  Too much fun!


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More AR Fun! Twitter Too!


I couldn’t resist passing out the new CoLAR augmented reality coloring pages!


I know this is a Christmas tree but isn’t it awesome!

IMG_2577This is the one for Happy New Year!  I wish you could see and hear the children’s responses when we hold the iPads over their coloring pages!


You can see the coloring page in the back of this picture.  When you open the CoLAR app and hold it over the picture the rockets and numerals pop out at you!  It is magic! Entirely too much fun!


This is our hallway “twitter board”.  Each week we will be posting our classroom news!


We also have a real Twitter account that I created last year.  All the blog posts are tweeted out on this page and we have started to tweet about events in our class! You can follow us on Twitter but as it is a protected account you need to put in a request to follow us.


twitter 2014

Too much fun!

We got mail!  This is just some of it!


I had forgotten how much fun it is to get mail!  The old-fashioned kind!  This is some of the mail we got from our Christmas card project! The children loved hearing about all the different schools and classrooms!  I am trying to figure out a way to show you our mail and show where it all came from!

Lots to learn!

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Augmented Reality Fun! Too Cool!


Today we experimented with an amazing new app on the iPads.  The app is called AR Flash Cards.  AR is short for Augmented Reality.  It is a fantastic app!  I printed off the Alphabet cards on my color printer at home.  Then I cut them apart.  I had already downloaded the app.  You basically open the app, place the ipad over the card and wait a little bit.  Magic happens!!


A three dimensional animation of the animal on the alphabet card appears on the screen.  When you touch the screen the audio component can be heard.  It tells the child the name of the letter and the animal!

I was able to let all the children see the magic at the same time using the projector and the special adapter cord I have for the iPad.  Later, the children used the iPads independently to try it out by themselves.

I wish I could have taped the looks on their faces when the first animation appeared!


The alphabet cards are really neat and I know we will get a lot of use out of them!  They were free!  Very easy way to get students interested in alphabet skills!  We will be having lots of fun with alphabetizing, letter sounds, spelling practice, and so on with this app!

There are more cards coming soon but they have a cost attached.  The dinosaur ones could be really cool!

We also worked with another augmented reality app I have discovered.  It is called CoLAR Mix.

I was a bit sneaky!  I had the children color a special coloring page that I had downloaded for them.  I told them if they did a really good job we would do something really cool with it!

After they finished coloring, I loaded this app and just held the iPad over their coloring.


The pumpkins on their coloring pages come to life and start dancing around the page.  They roll around and pop up on top of each other!  Very cool!  Of course, everyone wants to have a turn!

So far, I have only been able to download the free pages.


You can see the original coloring page on this screen. The animations are really fun!

We are definitely having Too Much Fun!

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