More AR Fun! Twitter Too!


I couldn’t resist passing out the new CoLAR augmented reality coloring pages!


I know this is a Christmas tree but isn’t it awesome!

IMG_2577This is the one for Happy New Year!  I wish you could see and hear the children’s responses when we hold the iPads over their coloring pages!


You can see the coloring page in the back of this picture.  When you open the CoLAR app and hold it over the picture the rockets and numerals pop out at you!  It is magic! Entirely too much fun!


This is our hallway “twitter board”.  Each week we will be posting our classroom news!


We also have a real Twitter account that I created last year.  All the blog posts are tweeted out on this page and we have started to tweet about events in our class! You can follow us on Twitter but as it is a protected account you need to put in a request to follow us.


twitter 2014

Too much fun!

We got mail!  This is just some of it!


I had forgotten how much fun it is to get mail!  The old-fashioned kind!  This is some of the mail we got from our Christmas card project! The children loved hearing about all the different schools and classrooms!  I am trying to figure out a way to show you our mail and show where it all came from!

Lots to learn!


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  1. Charlene V

    Looking extremely forward to another wonderful fun-filled year with you!

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