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Augmented Reality Alphabet Book Fun!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qcfNaZtz-8&feature=youtu.be?rel=0&showinfo=0]


This is our Augmented Reality Alphabet Book!  We think it is very cool!  We have been working with the AR Flashcards app a lot this year!  This book is a compilation of a lot of work!


The children each choose a letter of the alphabet and then scoured the room looking for items that begin with their letter’s sound.

P is for


b3 is for


Once they had a good collection of items we arranged them around the trigger picture for that letter in the AR Flashcards app!  Then we opened up the app and took the picture of their collections when the trigger was activated!   Very cool!

alphabet 8

Then we used the Strip Designer app to import the pictures to create a page for each alphabet letter.  We wanted to make an alphabet book to share with the kindergarten class!

H is for

We made a variety of pages using these pictures.  We made pages with the trigger picture and other pictures using Doodle Buddy as well as taking pictures of items in the classroom or the school!  Once the students got started they wanted to make more than one!



G is for


Then we decided that we needed the label the objects in our pictures.  We used the text function in Strip Designer to add the captions to our pictures.



Then we took all the pages and imported them into another app called Explain Everything!


After we had the book put together with all the pages we had to record our voices on each page.  Each student recorded their page!


Once the book was complete we saved it to the camera roll!

Then we watched and listened to our book!  Too cool!

I uploaded the book to my channel on Youtube so we can share it with everyone!  We think we might have made the very first Augmented Reality alphabet book!

Way too much fun!




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Augmented Reality Fun! Too Cool!


Today we experimented with an amazing new app on the iPads.  The app is called AR Flash Cards.  AR is short for Augmented Reality.  It is a fantastic app!  I printed off the Alphabet cards on my color printer at home.  Then I cut them apart.  I had already downloaded the app.  You basically open the app, place the ipad over the card and wait a little bit.  Magic happens!!


A three dimensional animation of the animal on the alphabet card appears on the screen.  When you touch the screen the audio component can be heard.  It tells the child the name of the letter and the animal!

I was able to let all the children see the magic at the same time using the projector and the special adapter cord I have for the iPad.  Later, the children used the iPads independently to try it out by themselves.

I wish I could have taped the looks on their faces when the first animation appeared!


The alphabet cards are really neat and I know we will get a lot of use out of them!  They were free!  Very easy way to get students interested in alphabet skills!  We will be having lots of fun with alphabetizing, letter sounds, spelling practice, and so on with this app!

There are more cards coming soon but they have a cost attached.  The dinosaur ones could be really cool!

We also worked with another augmented reality app I have discovered.  It is called CoLAR Mix.

I was a bit sneaky!  I had the children color a special coloring page that I had downloaded for them.  I told them if they did a really good job we would do something really cool with it!

After they finished coloring, I loaded this app and just held the iPad over their coloring.


The pumpkins on their coloring pages come to life and start dancing around the page.  They roll around and pop up on top of each other!  Very cool!  Of course, everyone wants to have a turn!

So far, I have only been able to download the free pages.


You can see the original coloring page on this screen. The animations are really fun!

We are definitely having Too Much Fun!

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