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Fun with Peter Rabbit and Friends!


A couple of years ago I discovered that even Peter Rabbit has an app!  I downloaded the app from the official Peter Rabbit site and shared it with my students last year.  This year it was as big a hit as it was in the last two years.


The coloring pages are fun because you can use a magic paintbrush and it paints it in “Beatrix Potter” colors!

peter 3
You can have the story read to you or you can choose to read it yourself. There are a variety of games and activities that the children can do and all have the lovely Beatrix Potter colors and illustrations!

peter 1

I also showed them the app called PopOut Peter.  It has a jigsaw puzzle feature that I really enjoy.  I think both of the apps might become favourites!

We have been doing a lot of different things with rabbits.


We did a mini research report about rabbits where the children had to read a variety of facts about rabbits and sort and categorize them into different categories!  We turned it all into a rabbit shaped report!


Today, we read one of my favourite stories by Margaret Wise Brown called Home for a Bunny!  Then the children retold the story using a story map.  They sequenced the story parts and had a great time illustrating their story!


We also made some BooBoo bunnies!  They will be coming home tomorrow as we didn’t quite get everyone’s bunny finished.  So the bunnies are having a sleepover at school!  Hope they don’t get up to too much mischief!


We also participated in the annual Easter Egg hunt and had to race the crows to find all the eggs.


We watched one crow pick up an egg and fly away with it right in front of us!  What would the Easter bunny think?


We also had a real bunny called Honey Bunny come visit!  What a great bunny! So gentle!



Honey Bunny hopped around the carpet visiting the children and was willing to be petted by everyone!  Definitely a Honey Bunny!



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Frog and Toad Friendship Fun!


We had a Frog and Toad day last week!  I love the Frog and Toad stories for many reasons!  I love the stories, the theme behind the stories, the exploration of characters, and the fact that they are written for children to read and they are well written!  The basic theme of the stories is about friendship.  They also deal with characteristics of people.  Frog is an optimist who generally looks for the positive and Toad is, well, a bit grumpy…  Frog always wins him over and Toad is a grateful friend.  We just read one of the books in the series called Frog and Toad are Friends.  There are several stories in this book.  We had a hard time choosing our favourite.  We either liked them all or we liked the story The Lost Button or The Letter.  All of them are great examples of being a friend.  We made a story map about the The Lost Button story.  The children did a great job!  Take a look!





I love all the detail!  We tried to add the buttons that they found too!

closeup of frog origami



We made origami frogs to “act” out the story map.  When you stroke them on their backs, they hop!

So then, of course, we had to have a race!

frog race


Ready, set, hop!

frog john


Another one of our frog life cycles!  We are almost done!  Have to find a way to present them all at once for you to see!  Researching……

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Telling Stories with the iPads! Comic Book Style!

beth teddy comicLast week I discovered a new app that we had not worked with before on the iPads.  It is called Strip Designer and lets the students create their own stories in a comic book style.  I wish I had found it sooner!  We have been having a lot of fun with it.  It has a lot of potential for storytelling.

john volcano comic

If I had more time with the iPads I can think of some really cool projects we could do!  Take a look at what we have managed to do in just a few sessions.

gordon mar comic

The children have become masters at navigating around to create their masterpieces.  They jump from app to app, importing files from the camera roll, recording their voices, etc with ease.  Things that I would have really hesitated about introducing don’t even faze them!  They find things that they can do and teach me and their classmates as we go!  Today we were playing with the Strip Designer app and they were showing me how to do things!  “Oh, you just do this, Mrs. Anton!”

Ella rainbow comic

The children created these comics with Doodle Buddy, made screen shots of their work, and then imported them from the camera roll into the comic format.   They choose a balloon style and added the text to the balloon.  Then they can add the Word stamps to accentuate their work.  Needless to say a very popular app!  If we had more time I think I would like to create multiple page comics.

The first day with this app we used just the pictures that were on the camera roll to tell a story!  That worked great too!


Last Friday we did a story map.  We read the story The Mitten by Jan Brett and then the children retold the story by creating a story map.  They seemed to really enjoy putting it all together.  I think they especially liked licking the envelope , sealing it, and then cutting it open at the end to make the secret compartment for the animals to disappear into behind the mitten picture!  Hopefully, they shared it with you.



We also worked on Kid Blog during our computer time.  We have been running into some glitches adding the pictures so it hasn’t worked as smoothly as I had hoped.  Today we managed to get some posts up with pictures!  We had some really great help from three of our Big Buddies.  Thank you, Courtlynd, Emily, and Karli!  We couldn’t have got in done in half an hour without you!  You can find the new posts on the Kid Blog page at the top of this page.  Please remember that the blogs are password protected.  Your child knows their secret password!  If you don’t see a new post for today, we probably had some problem with the picture.  I am working on it!  The children can also post from home if you like!  Or you can add a comment!  Please take a minute to review the procedure on the Kid Blog page.  The posts are previewed by me before they go “live” !  The website sends me an email whenever there is a post or comment that needed to be previewed.  I have to go into each one to approve them so it is a bit time consuming…. Thank you for your patience!

I have also added some new links on the WIKI page.  There are some more links for Dolch word practise.  Take a look!  The ever popular Word Bingo is there!  The Popcorn words are fun, too!

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