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More Halloween Fun!

We have been having a lot of fun over the last few days!   We had an amazing time on our hay ride!  The children and parent volunteers were troupers about the rain!  The children got to pick a pumpkin from this neat old truck and had a hayride through the woods.  There were some spooky sights to see,  too! I bet I know which scary sight was the favourite!   Lots of excitement!  We even had an adventure when the hayride got a flat tire!  No worries!  We just had a little bit bumpier of a ride back!

We have been working hard on the door for the door decorating contest at the school!  The children made spooky jack-o-lanterns under the ghost eye tree!  I think they are amazing!  Love the amazing expressions!

We made a haunted house count up book today, too!  The children had a great time making the spooky characters peek through the windows!

The children also worked on our WIKI page today again and looked at the Halloween items.  Be sure to check out the pumpkin book.  Imagine having a carved jack-0-lantern so big that a child could be inside!  Too cool!

The skeletons are out and about in our classroom, too.  Watch for them to spook your house soon!


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