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Scarecrow Day!

We had a lovely time on Scarecrow Day!  We made scarecrow books, art, and even learned to dance the chicken dance!  The costumes were wonderful!  Thank you!

We read several excellent stories about scarecrows.  The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown is a favourite of mine.  In the story the little boy makes six fierce faces at the crows.  The children made a little scarecrow book and drew their own fierce faces in a mini-movie format.  They really seemed to enjoy it.  There were a lot of scary faces!

We also made a scarecrow face snack!  Most of the children seemed to really like it!  Even the funny green hair!

We also made some scarecrow art!

I have quite a collection of scarecrows in my classroom.  It is like a Where’s Waldo of scarecrows.  The children started to count them up and I think we got to 19 and then we realized that we were scarecrows too!  That’s a lot of scarecrows!

We are also working with StoryBuddy on the iPad to create Halloween pictures.  Stay tuned to see our efforts!

Please check out the WIKI page as I have added some Halloween links for fun!  The Pumpkin Book is from the Starfall Website which is a particular favourite of mine!



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